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Of the room here. I'm going to stop permission. I'm going to walk into the room. Don't wanna say oh. He wants permission from the labor unions. But not from americans right as somebody on twitter in your audience pointed out how irresponsible for him to walk into that room what a super spreader event potential there. Also am i wrong on this but confusing this with another labor union issue. I think the labor unions are against the mandates. Aren't they will tell you. The postal service is not gonna be subject to this mandate. Isn't that interesting. Of course the teacher's union but what about the afl Everybody else i mean. I'm sure they're on board you whether am sure whether they have to be on board. Now they're required. Here's the headline cove. Nineteen vaccine mandates unions divided overcome. Organize labor. yeah so that's going to be an issue. I wonder if anybody brought up. Well no because before being too bad interesting a. It's so hard. I can't even stand to look at this guy i can't stand to look at it. My head was down for most of that i lost. Tv's do the elvis thing shoot up on screen. Give me another chance. I what's wrong the problem. First of all stovall. Yes first of all if you were able to bring out your weapon and shoot a tv and have someone bring you a new on the spot on the spot. Yeah the day. His dad kept them. Dad kept a lot of the Although should be in a museum there graceland. Okay it'd be a little different nowadays. 'cause they're i don't know a little heavier. It wouldn't scream. They're not heavier necessarily less dramatic. If you have like a little crack as opposed to the whole glass just blowing. It's more dramatic in the seventies man. Yeah now just put a little hole. Yes that wasn't worth. It didn't really satisfy shotgun here. You go all right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. There is good news though is good news in the world. Don't believe in college football this weekend. I know it's a big big stinking day today and then Tomorrow's huge today could be the day the byu officially becomes a power power five program today. So y'all y'all remember the day that your freedom was taken away you vice. Byu with our night. no no. that's not what. I mean you kind of there but nine nine remember that day. That's the day that the king dictated your life for you Nine eleven of course the anniversary of the terror attacks on american soil right but nestled in between and the nice little hammock. Is that great news. Nine ten when byu becomes a joining the big twelve. Yes flirt celebrating that all over the country. All you travel art. Yeah so it's great and as far as the holy war in addition to being alert right it's Byu utah animal needed bad. They need to have it. Yeah got to have it. And if we don't have it going to be a long season. I mean be here next week at all. Oh no going to be a long season friend. Yeah they lose this game number two out of the box. This is supposedly They won the first game one. That's what i mean. Yeah that's what i mean. Number two number two game out of the box they lose that one now Yeah the to the season. They're saying this is twelve tournament on their own. That's a done deal They're saying that this is utah's best team since entering the pac twelve. We'll see a couple of good years. They have yeah they have so we'll see. We'll see a fairly confident. I still i know you know. I know it's a done deal for the big twelve pretty much alba. You know stamping the paperwork but I still wish they would tell them. We get yeah. I know i know you wanna be part of the power five. You want to save her yet. I just wanted to tell them to get out of college football. And especially the way it's about to become i know they take it still live with it. Got to be in power five but they could live another couple years without they could they could. Yes but by twenty twenty five you better be in a conference or you're going to be left behind because they're gonna come super-conferences yeah and then though gonna learn to play. Yeah it was time to play him right. Causal all have arrangements with each other. and then you're out and you're just out all right let me tell you about built bars If you like to snack during the course of the day but you don't wanna get fat doing it. Billboards are the way to go. That's the thing. Yeah that's really yeah And these are delicious flavors. Only one hundred and eighty calories or less of it. Four five grams of sugar. Four to five net carbs eighteen grams grams of protein. So really good really good. Salted caramel is my favorite. But everybody loves the new rocky road to Coconut the mid brownie double chocolate cookies and cream..

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