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And that's kind of something that I've learned along the way. And as a big, you know, bigger guy in this league, you want to keep that physicality up, but you also want to be relied upon that. You can make plays and be out there and increase your situation. So, you know, right now, the conference is there. And it's been a good balance. Matt dumbo was saying after you guys beat the leafs at, you know, it's pretty cool to, you know, you plan on Saturday night and people that don't normally get to see the Minnesota wild play, get a chance to see you play. And it was a wildly entertaining game. That kind of cool for you guys to get, you're getting a little league wide notoriety that maybe people didn't notice before. Yeah, it was an exciting leading up to the game. We had a lot of exciting jitters for that one. I mean, it was to make a statement for our team. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I grew up in Canada and was able to play in Buffalo for so long. We played the leafs a lot that, you know, maybe I got a little numb to the hockey night in Canada thing. It was just something used to it, but there was just something for our team to showcase ourselves and then we took it upon us and it was a great game. Toronto is a heck of a team and obviously has great scores and we wanted to show that we're at the top of the division for a reason. And it ended up being a great game. So yeah, we were excited for that for that Saturday night puck drop and games like that bring out the best there and it's just nice to hear a whole team step up and then play that way. And obviously get that win against Ronald was big for our group, which is confidence. You know, Marcus, that one also added some feistiness to it as well. First period, you get into a dust up with Wayne Simmons and the media was quick to jump on social media anyways saying, oh, folio should get ten games for leaving the bench. I mean, that was the automatic response. Capri's off stays on the bench as you jump up, and then you come back and engage. Now, as we know, the National Hockey League didn't see it the way some media portrayed it. But as you're coming out of all of that, are you thinking oh jeez, did I just make a pretty significant error here? Well, I'll take it back. When I got on the, I got the puck on the wall and I made a flood past the.

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