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My breath, oh! I call it pop play. Play Oh. Billy Bob Thornton. You WanNa have six by waft shore, but it's got to be Matin de sex. You better be getting into some pop. Play their. threesome with me and Dr Pepper. The good doctor. who the doctor is in. Maybe. Maybe I'll just watch and she can just play Dr Pepper Mr. Man That mister pip, though he's got some wondering fingers. In 'em threesome Mister Pip Dr Larry. Excellent. So now we go to Shanghai because the ORB is a at the flower pagoda. or The dropoff happening there, and they say this, as if and maybe it is I've never been to Shanghai. Personally the flower pagoda like a thing. Is that like a big deal landmark? Anything I have no idea. It Yeah I. I'm fairly ignorant. Finishing to Shanghai and I don't know because I am ignorant as well there you go. She uses Google glasses to get an update from Noah. Taylor, dude this fucking. Thing looked so cheap. My God it is just Google Glass look ahead of its time. It looks like fucking garbage. That doesn't exist anymore, right? That didn't happen. Up on it I think I. Think Society was like you know what? I will tell you I was in San, Francisco the week. It was happening though. They were everywhere really. A bunch of these fucking morons walking out into the street hit by cars. Everybody just looks so fucking stupid looking for laughing at him, I mean. You look deep I saw one dude came into my job where I was working time as a vendor. And he heads Google asked the whole meaning of like you ask. Like yeah, we're waiting for that like. SPEC update for yeah, definitely Yep that's all it is. Maybe I'll see some bubis. Bubis era Weiner with my google. You could see everyone who has a walking skeleton. That yeah, like Jason and the argonauts type of glass I would actually maybe partake. Oh, you're just so instead of like looking at people. You would literally just be looking at the League of skeletons all day, yes. Maybe I mean at least on Halloween right. I'm glad that technological innovation failed so there's like this handoff with. Karen Hines and The Chen those the rest of it's his. It's still that same Right. It's his brother Yeah yeah unless. Is GonNa. Do the hand off and also like cello. Here in Heinz. Park your helicopter and get out like I'm sorry? If your friend wants to hang out, he has to come inside and say hi to mom I like. This lead it on the Horn I'll outside. Your fucking helicopter is so fucking stupid the biggest. My favorite thing about this is that you reveal Til Schweiger is in this movie. He's like the number to cure in. Heinz, and it's in this moment that it's revealed that his name is Sean. Sean, I need your help on this. You want like a gunner there, yeah? Michael Kilgore that. That's what you want. Do, you think Quinn, turn Tino is a big fan of cradle of life. Has this movie played at the new bath? I don't know man, not not too many instances of bare feet in this room. But like Til Schweiger like. I still to this day like inglorious bastards. Him. maybe.

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