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Twenty gauge shotgun in my hand kills a lot smarter three in the morning when the guys come to my window that's that's immediate recourse and my my fucking dog that's that's trying to bite bite his fucking place off that i feel safer that need immediate action yeah i meet action and my and my training my own fu so you know it's pronounced going through what was i going to say to you you oh we were talking about you go to hawaii you can't have your psoriasis fun it's funny with psoriasis or anything that man oh man is everybody having opinions god dams doesn't have an opinion doctors who are medical doctors they go like this they shrug and they go i don't know could be what about diet they go did they go every doctor every number colleges and including the doctors and they go you know i don't know could be i mean i'm sure that they're certain they're all is this the longest you've ever had it yeah usually just oh yeah it can listen to plug in to get worse i don't think just diets the answer the people keep telling you eat this well it's probably a combination shit i think maybe die within also you need medication my mother's does take the modern day man i and it helps my mother my mother problem with medication like you can't take certain they'll tell you this to my house go i'll make go away i can shoot you full of steroids got big side effects and i could really do decide to fix oh you can get all kinds of shit for with with with steroids all kinds i mean certain topical stairs but the other thing is they'll give you humira that'll get rid of it immediately those well it lowers your immune system so you can also develop them foam leukemia and lupus so you don't want to live in the what i'm saying i mean you're gonna be fine most people are my mother my mother my mother i appreciate my mother more and more my mother hits me with this she goes i'm talking about like gut ohm i'm working with this guy and then i'm changing my diet and my mother goes into good i think it's scr.

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