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Killed. On the riverside freeway in Anaheim when a car smashed into the center divider about ninety miles an hour, then burst into flames CHP. Thanks, the driver. It actually traveled for several miles in the wrong direction before the predawn crash near the Euclid street on ramp. There was also another a wrong way crash on the same for you. We just a couple of hours earlier that would happen in Anaheim hills. And that one involved a lot tunnel of five vehicles left four people injured one of them critically coming up in just about five minutes, the shutdown continues on even after the president offered something and the Democrats said, no. So we'll see where that goes. But have a look at what the happened on the talk shows this morning, and we'll have all that coming up for you just about five minutes out outside thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five. Here's Tanya come clear monitoring, a police pursuit that is going on just south of the one. Oh, five we'll keep you updated on that. But if you do see any police lights coming up behind you just moved here. Right. And let them do their work in diamond bar eastbound sixty grand a crash has left. Vehicle blocking the carpool lane. Couple of cars at the center divider. So it's like multiple vehicles involved with this. There is some slowing as you come up on grand in Pomona fifty seven north of four the ten got a crash at the center divider. There's another vehicle that may be blocking a lane. We'll get that info in the next couple of minutes and Hawthorne, four zero five north at El Segundo. Stalled vehicle is off the right shoulder. And right now, it's not blocking any lanes to paying a canyon C H P M Cal trans let us know that it is now open twain, PCH and grandview, and if you happen to be driving on the five north or south through.

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