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Number of people injured every day and the thing that i was surprised last time i was in spain win it was going on as i wasn't anywhere near there but the news at night covers the festival and covers the injuries covers the body count or whatever and you get you get up to nine cents and they're on holiday beginning of july and nothing will get him out of bed in the morning as teenagers that they during samson men they actually get up age across every day to watch it line well in it is that half of july that the festival goes on a touch week tunein pamplona and there aren't bulls running through the streets what would you recommend we do again go to the old pont will around the narrow streets have some insurers and tampons and then walk around the city walls as beautiful they've developed on the city walls of the city wit it gives you a view of the city itself and of the surrounding countryside cise it is very nice will it reminds me of the city will will leave do in dubrovnik oh yeah that's work you look into the city but you were outside the city so that's that's a very nice in dubrovnik i would recommend you do that during sunset as particular time of day that that's that's the best time to add agree with that same coupla sunshine has beautiful the weather fan preneurs different from the weather in on the coast of the boston we show a little bit drier and much hotter in the.

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