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The moon. So, so exciting, it's something I've dreamed about prayed about, meditated about cried about, and I'm having good time on my life. Camille Friends styled Angela Bassett's hair slightly different this time as ramonda. In West African culture, people cut their hair in mourning. So that was where I started in my design process. With Ramon, of course, in the first movie, she had those beautiful platinum silvery locks. So we wanted to keep her in the same shade, but giving her hair a shape which mimics the crowns that she wears the hot she wears because she is royal. Here are full channel my podcast beyond the fame. Jason Frey AW two he knew. You are listening to 103.5 FM NADP dot com. Good Friday morning, march 10th. It's one 55 ledger with it. Sports hit 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. And it's rob woodwork stern this morning. This season, the capital's rarely get two points in the standings when they don't get more than two on the scoreboard. Despite a strong night from goalie Darcy Kemper, the three two shootout loss to the Devils, drop the caps of just three 24 and four when scoring two or fewer goals this season, Peter la violette. We had chances, I think, to score and weren't able to capitalize Darcy played an unbelievable game. You have opportunity we couldn't get it done and I think you look back with frustration. In local college hoops, Maryland advanced to the Big Ten tournament quarterfinals for the second time in three seasons, thanks to his 70 54 win over Minnesota, this despite getting little offense beyond Dante Scott in the first half coach Kevin Willard on Big Ten network. Actually

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