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O'brien ak attempt at down with the sickness tyler. Olten bat finger says he doesn't he doesn't really tell us what the extinct anyways. I'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles. Oh oh Half am feeling up coach In my head. I'm the co host to o'brien. Td's is common. Owners is calm. And i would do the part but at the nothing was written there but shoutout to at radio giorgio on twitter for that guerrillas. Clint eastwood is fired a hell. Yeah well miles How are you sir. I read say never asked everything but for yeah. I'm is everything you just great okay. Great thank you. Cool scott off guard scott off guard user very cold second and their quarterback. I gotta go. Shut don't talk. Kim took me all right. Miles will before we get through our very special guests. Yes plural today. We gotta tell the people what's happened in august twenty fifth six. Pm ps nine pm esp we are bringing you the year two thousand live show live streaming audio visual extravaganza. There's going to be pictures. There's gonna be riffing. There's going to be dancing. There's going to be shrek. Jack will be seen walking. Yeah So you got you gotta tune in to see that i keep saying dancing and there's no way in a dance crip walk. You let them know. Let them know you sold her action and join us. We'll have confirmed special guests. The cold brew king himself. Chris crofton why bring his takes from his time machine from the year. Two thousand not sure how much he remembers from it. But it's scary tastic and show so get your tickets at moment. House dot com slash the daily zeitgeist. And if you can't make it live. Don't worry if you have your ticket. You will have an option to watch the video-on-demand version so you can watch it at your leisure. Yeah or at your leisure. It doesn't matter Either one yeah. I gotta say you know this is going to have the same bones as the live. Show that we did that. We took on tour for like the first half the tour before it got cancelled by cove. But now that crofton here baby. This is going to be you know a whole new s vise the potential that he doesn't he might not add anything at all. Just a pure chaos agent throughout the whole thing but either way we want to discover that together with you so please join us. Yeah alright well miles. We're thrilled to be joined by the duo behind. Britney's graham the podcast that the analysis of britney's cryptic instagram helped spark the massive hash tag free brittany movement of their new. Podcast is a ten part fact-finding deep dive called toxic britney spears story when they're not making history by freeing brittany They host the hilarious. Podcast lady. the lady with wednesday's guest brandy and They're just two of our all time. Favorite daily zeitgeist guests. Please welcome tests burger and babs. Wow what was the best the best inter we've gotten in a long time. We've been doing a lot of stuff so good job and you're doing it shows and that was the best interval. Thank you look at us. jack. Us we might. We might have a second rate after all now. You are but. I mean like expectations expectations being taken into so more. Tanner's like yeah. Maybe the skin tone chain but it washes off the end of the day. Secondary kids freaky. Yeah don't look at our palms copper orange. What's good guys. How how have you been pretty good. Yeah we're finishing off. We're good we're finishing up like the last you know few episodes of of toxic and we're just very tired. It's been a crazy amount of work but yeah doing good. Just kind of the last home stretch riding on dunkin. Maybe just like america in that way not sponsor coaster. They really are. Yes i default. We're all running on dunkin our. We're doing good. I'm actually in denver right now doing some shows and i met you know zych gang member last night. Oh his name is bags gray. No woah going back. Yes your cousin bags she was like. My name is bags gray and people always think it's weird and i was like i mean it is. She's just back chicago later. She goes my bags. Yeah so we're usable. Begs alternate universe short ziplock bags. That's that's dope name. I'll take you let you. what's your name. I like that also. Are we related. All are somehow on some in some really fucked up way about. Hey all right guys we're going to Get to know you a little bit better in a moment. we're also going to catch up on the whole britney saga a little later on in the show. Couple other things that we're talking about. Texas has successfully passed their voter suppression bill. The so shout out to them ruining america one bill at a time speaking of ruining america. There's that scene at a school board meeting in tennessee that just i don't know just spectacular offensive frightening dip chicanery going on and then we'll get into some brittany updates all of that plenty more but first babs. What is something from your search history. Sound artifacts beth. Google a found our producer for ladies lady said something about a sound artifact and i was like what the hell is that and i didn't wanna ask. I wanted to seem like i knew what it was. Because i've been doing podcasting along time. What thought i should know. It might want to look. There's an unwanted. Sound a mysterious sound somewhere Artifact makes it sound like important. I know it's kind of an ex. Yeah really exciting phrase so just in. They're stuck in their stuck in the track. I had found artifact as to like how like the british. Like talk about their like history museum where it's like. I just found these artifacts all allies found artifacts just found them wrestling wrestle them away for many anyone's hands after the final. This looks like it was sawed off from something that's in egypt are found. I swear to god it's found. I felt i was holding a thaw in excel and.

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