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Here's Dan Schwartzman Thanks Brian Manchester City star Sergio Aguero's traveling to Barcelona for the test done after injuring his knee before halftime in Monday's over Burnley. Early scans show damage, with some saying that record to miss the rest of the season 32 year old scored 23 goals across all competitions so far this year, stays in seventh place the Premier League table two million over West Ham but Harry Kane telling one of the goals elsewhere, Leicester City remains in third place after playing pregnant Val being scoreless draw King Power Looking in my legal Barcelona takes a three point lead over Realmadrid Emily Table with a one nil win over athletic Go. Bala can know Athletico Madrid slips past Labonte one Dale. In Syria. Copa Italia winter Napoli shuts out Hellas Verona to the world's number one ranked Novak says he and his wife had both tested positive grown a virus after the 17th time Grand Slam winner played in next victim, Siri's in Serbian, Croatian without observing social distancing. Which becomes 1/4 player to test positive after competing in the arena. Tour Exhibitions, 35 came under criticism after video showed in parting and hugging other players at a nightclub in Belgrade. All n ba Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic just tested positive wealth of Corona virus in his native Serbia, Although the 25 year old disease and dramatic sources say it should be okay to travel back to Denver. Sometime in the next week on enforcing that your Bloomberg World Sport's out. Markets Headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day. Bloomberg dot com Bloomberg Business APP and on quick, Take a Bloomberg business Flash..

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