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Go away? I don't I don't believe in that. That's what society is Just trying to cancel anybody right now. And stuff like that. I don't believe that. Yeah. All right. Interesting, right. Hey, I'm glad I asked. I wanted to get your take. I knew you would have an interesting take on that. But Traffic and weather together from Tim Star heating and cooling products here. Jonah Hill, 71 Dortmund left, Lane is still blocked just before the Fifth Avenue Bridge on a fender bender. Let's say they may be trying to move it out of the way with the back up all the way to I 70 to 70 southbound exiting at 70 has already been backed up from an accident scene South Main Street, but we picked up another one reported on the exit to eastbound main. As you're coming down to 70 South, trying to make that 270 degree loop for Reynoldsburg, Give yourself a little extra time. Plenty of other freeway delay 71 north near Grove City, 3 15 near highest road and looks like we still have some back up to 70 east near Worthington. Traffic sponsored by Mattress Firm Mattress firm's Fourth of July sale for a limited time, save up to $500 on a king bed for a queen price on top rated mattress brands like Celean Sleepy's Plus, get a free adjustable base with your $999 purchase traffic and weather together. Powered by temp starring Custom Air I'm Johnny Hill and NewsRadio. 6 10 wt. Viet Your ABC six first Warning, Weather and forecaster Caroline Cohen says 57 for the overnight low Sunshine Dry Very nice for Saturday. 80 tomorrow 89 with, you know, mainly dry on Sunday for the fourth and then on Monday for the three day weekend continues hot 90 and humid but dry weather powered by the basement Doctor 74 at your severe weather station..

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