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And then you start playing with skip you're seeing their schedule starting out that makes cream puck is not easy in the we go to Suba. I. Guess what happened when it when it doesn't work out? They don't go to the Super Bowl. Nobody's gonna remember that he said that. He also said, oh, my God, me and Denzel. I thought he was talking about Washington. The other cornerback. We are going to tear up the league said, greedy Williams. We're going to tear up the league he also said possibly we can be the two Pro Bowl corners in the league playing for the same team. Again, he is played exactly zero snag in the National Football League. And by the way, greedy Williams was the seventh quarterback picked in this draft the seventh not the first even though some of the draft analysts had him ranked number one or Borst number two in this raft. But just for the record. There was a quarterback who has taken one spot ahead of greedy. And he was taken by Bill Belichick who traded up eleven spots to take him. Guess where that cornerback was from Mr. sharp brand of Vanderbilt University. The football factory of the SEC. Yes. It is the football factory. Joe one Williams was taken one slot ahead of greedy Williams. The right way. This is the right one is Joe on. And one went to Vanderbilt in one played for LSU, which is obviously the football factory with Alabama. Oh, yes, he's e-. So why did Bill Bill check take Joon Williams? I know all about Joon because I've been following. But he's a big strong stud cornerback at six feet four inches two hundred and eleven pounds. And why was he taken there by Bill check? Because this is the first time I've ever heard Bill Bill check telegraph a draft pick because in his pre draft media session that he did a couple of weeks ago. He said that there are so many big receivers in this draft. He said they're all six four to twenty five that you need to have big corners to play big receivers because it's the new way as the NFL world. Right. Right. So he went up above greedy. And he left greedy on the board. He could add greedy himself to take Joe Juan Williams the right Williams from Vanderbilt because he went and worked him out and saw six four to eleven. He did not run a four six five. But you know, what I watched a bunch of Vanderbilt games. He can lockdown big receiver because you know, what skip coach Belichick about us above all other. Yeah, he wants you to be smart be able to play multiple positions. Yeah. But you better be able to tackle. Okay. And he can tackle he's very physical. So what what would happen if by chance? Bill Belichick had taken a shot on greedy and greedy. It made. These remarks about the patriots. He might cut day might have seriously about guy. So John Dorsey is known for risk-taking in Kansas City. Let's see John Dorsey drafted tyreek hill he drafted Kareem hunt. Oh, interesting. And now look what he keeps doing in Cleveland. He is high risk high reward. Baker Mayfield had some high risk to him. You had a one big off field incident. Drunken incident in Fayetteville. He had lots of on field incidents where he's not exactly acting like franchise quarterback in my right? Yeah. There's some risk involved so far. So good is Dell not a big risk on football character. Yes. It's high risk. How about Sheldon Richardson? I've told you I never liked his football character. He's got him on the roster. So he's just going for broke. He wants talent over footfall character bell check completely the opposite. Totally cogs in the system. I will teach them how to play my system my way, and they will listen to me because I have researched their background and their extremely coach -able wrong. Right. You know, chase winna vich you intervene after the northwestern. Comeback win right on the field. He's a character. But he's a good characters..

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