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Reporter wrote to you in part by C. T. S. Cincinnati bell and or until seven hundred W. L. W. the whole best bagels coverage for okay rocky the roster is set the bangles pairing the roster down to fifty three players over the weekend making a couple of changes all talk about the thing that stood out to me more than anything and ask you about that but first let's just kind of comb through training camp and the preseason culminating with the roster decisions the bangles made over the weekend what are your thoughts I I thought that you one question mark born in the season was in a wide receiving corps in special AJ green one I thought that question was answered pretty well I like Danny Willis I thought Tyler Boyd of course played well so I don't have as many concerns about that I like the decisions they made their the third the ad in the third quarter back though gases we talk about yes I want to talk about this I feel. I'll let you know exactly how you like all right if any Dalton has a five year contract I don't like this if if the owner has said and Mike brown has that he has to reestablish himself in the biggest question facing this team this coming off season is going to be what do you do with Andy Dalton you need as many options as possible and if that means Ryan family means Ryan family of that means looking at next year's draft it means looking in next year's draft if it means having a guy in your building in your system going through practice every single day as an option who can maybe play the game this year at the expense of a guy that I'm not going to care about I'm totally on board. the and look at the part I like it I like want to coach values keeping good player slightly values that's fifty three best fifty three so I understand that but I just I mean how many times a season come down to whether it's injuries are being tired or otherwise do you wish you had that extra defensive and you wish you had that extra offense of linemen with Amy shore a little bit so I I just the amount of times I mean if you if your seasons depending on thirteen core baggage over already brand maybe this season is over I don't know. school in the week one thing and there's gonna be a fighting chance for this for this team to contend a little a little bit I just don't like keeping that third string quarterback it's a wasted Ross six foot seven cannon arm central Connecticut state many many years ago when you were doing the post game show I called you after a Bengals game I might have had a couple if you were still coming with his own you were still doing that since the game ended if you were still doing that show there's a decent chance I'd be calling you if at some point this year asking what can I watch Jake told Gallup play quarterback you never know we made her wish to see in the elder seemed pretty can't next year after he's gone a full year good to keep to keep on the practice squad is it not a place you can but I think the fear that maybe he would get poached. and I think once you her hi I'm Jenny.

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