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Talk to collect their just. I feel like they just hate each other. Because they're on camera and they're trying to look like good good brothers. I think I it's weird because Logan handled the loss like better than I did. And I I don't know if I don't know why I don't know I don't know if that's a problem or something that I should like. Try and fix or whatever but I feel like I was there in the ring with Logan and I love Logan more than anyone in this world and so for Jake Who Tuttle Jake Paul Christ stage after Logan. Paul loses the case. I Hashtag Jake Paul Hash tag team. Ten Hatch Tag. It's every day borough. I DIDN'T WANNA post this. He said get your your free team ten chain right now though at got drip dot com get some merch. Fam- texts me on board warning. Please be warned under no circumvented. Any challenges stunts Tempted whatever Oh and at the bottom autumn he stuffs keywords Jake Paul Song Jake Paul. Franks Jake Paul Scary bids many Jake Paul Jake Paul Ouija Board. Isn't this against Youtube. Storms service to keep stuff at the bottom like that and then more Hashtag Jake decisions. No Class.

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