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Because some stuff. You know that that you can do whatever you wanna do bullshit. I'm not about to become a top level snowboarder or skateboarder or BMX bike rider any it s it, but you wanna feel that intensity of soaring through the air and all that shit. Right. Yeah. Even just doing a loop de loop. Yeah. Do that. You got access the stuff go to one go to one of these skate park says a foam pit. Where you could ride a bike off a rampant that she's land in a pit full of chunks Foley. Yeah. You got them. Right. I might I was gonna I'm forty one. I was gonna go to camp Woodward as what it's like a summer camp where kids go there's a few locations where they go. Learn skateboards like a summer camp. But for all those sports because they got all those giant foam pits and stuff, and I just wanna I just wanna do at once because I still go off ramps on a bike and stuff, but I'll get hurt. I want to go out laying on the phone without pressure. Yeah. I wanna do that. You guys have heard that action park place in New Jersey. Well, the unsafest amused. That's that's what that last. Johnny Knoxville movie. Did that come out or any? Yeah. I think that kinda. About action park. No, it was it was it was an amusement park or waterpark in New Jersey, and it was notorious for being completely unsafe. Yeah. Israel rickety ship. They had a water slide that did a full loop. And it was a two it was just a tube. And it did a full loop. And they had a pool that they forget what they call some generic. It was a wave pool they call like the pool of death or some shit like then like people were straight dying and getting serious injuries. But the owner of the place was like I wanna make an amusement park where it's he was intentionally unsafe. So it's up to the kids to to be a stream as they views. I wanna make it intentionally shoot guns into the water slide down if you want to do that. Light it on fire. We'll get injured all the time. They're like and they'd have just ambulances parked outside. Go there was there was a Place Route eighty three called like like, doc Finnegans. It was a water park, and I had to close it down. Because I built it on top of a landfill. Garbage juice was seeping water. I went it was fun. Did you smell the garbage juice? I mean. It was a kid. I don't know if I thought maybe just waterpark, smell bad. I don't know the day like underwater slides and everything and they are the best aren't they waterpark right now raging Rapids by six flags. Oh. They got. So like, there's so many I love that that's like gang. Hang out at six flags has a gang problem. Just thugs be hanging on top of like being in a gang. Look. I need a thrill. It's like, it's the it's where all the young thugs. Hang out really wave them bowl on western every time. I go to little thugs bowling. They're not Boehner's hollered at girls that they got a place to hang out where they can get in there like shootout happened, but they're all wearing bowling shoes. And nobody can get away. Sliding all over the lanes. Can't dug it out twenty four hours a day. You know, what the weirdest? Hang out was. In the early two thousand net for me as a thug. But then I note southern Illinois university Carbondale man, they closed down a week for Halloween, right? Yeah. Because over just burned down their own school institution of higher learning would be one paid to go to school, and as Deger that was down there. Just like Halloween to close down other schools were coming to our school for just a just a we had a strip they come and it would fuck up our school. They would burn shit trees out of the crown car. Stand up for yourself. Do that. White traditions. The wreck in the hosts it. Yeah. White people sit. Holloway. Everyone got through canisters of like fucking teargassing crowd like this shit fucking hit the fan and the right after that the dean was like..

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