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Five smooth sailing into downtown Seattle north but I thought that was crowding between nine ninety and the convention center our next come traffic at eight forty four and look at our come o'keefe over forecast here's meteorologist Kristen Clarke turning colder and windier throughout the day today tracking lowlands rain showers that could see one of the few wet snowflakes into tonight's now while we don't expect any accumulation of snow in the lowlands at the Olympic mountains in the southern cascades that will get hit with over a foot of snow into Saturday as we look ahead to tomorrow cloudy and maybe some lingering snow showers in the southwest interior with a sun returning Sunday but cold lingers through then in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clark we are seeing some little pockets of snow showers this morning here in downtown Seattle it's just light rain though in thirty nine cobalt is time eight thirty six the state legislative session wrapped up yesterday and lawmakers agree to boost emergency funding to fight the corona virus pandemic from one hundred million dollars to two hundred million state and local public health agencies will get one hundred seventy five million dollars in the rest will go into a special unemployment account to help businesses and workers public health officials are grappling with the possibility residents of unsanctioned homeless camps could spread the virus we get a closer look from Kamel's Corwin hate Seattle libraries are closing for a month starting today and it's not a hardship just for book lovers homeless advocates say one library's closed unsheltered people have you even fewer places to take advantage of sanitary bathroom facilities it's a concern given the emphasis on basic hygiene to prevent the virus from spreading Anthony Clark is homeless in sodo he tells The Seattle Times he washes his hands and uses the bathroom at a nearby park but it's far from ideal.

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