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I like to be dead set in my mind and he china and invited me to believe to believe a little bit more. You go with that in new right. So you know. Shut onto my brother appreciating. Thanks for the stock tip we might have had. We might have to have jokic a stock. This way. see what he's talking about. Hey i got you. I got you your. It's been a pleasure are preceded again are like always give my love to the family and listen when we get ready to shake this believe. Are we going for everything. We're doing this to be freedom hungry Renaming read amongst from. Yes sir all right all right all right so to all the listeners. That are out there On the drawing board podcast listeners. Out there the drawn or podcasts out. Hope and i know that the wealth what we shared tonight ought to challenge you. I know you're thinking we're getting ready to give stock investments in tips about where to place your money away to allocate your dollars. I know you probably maybe coming into the room. Thinking like these guys are getting ready to tell me What the next wave is the next bubble is talk. A little bit about storm industries organizations. That have great models for you to follow or gray or opportunities for you to engage in e commerce on their particular platforms but our greatest wealth strategy for you today right now that is within your power to reconcile within yourself to believe number one believed that god has a plan for your life and good not evil to bring you to an expected and give you a future and secondly i want to believe every member is lord. I got to give the power to get wealth that he might establish his covenant with you as he's sworn to your father's as is this day. Thirdly i want you to know the scripture lets us know money answered all things in earth so yes. Prayer is extremely powerful. We need that. That's part of the covenant. Praise and worship extremely powerful that creates a conduit for us to have a powerful exchange spiritually with the lower For us to be able to sit under a powerful faith leader who will teach us train as educators. Equipos that are. That's the four pillars at my church. Casinos international were my pastor. Is the chief apostle. Dr carol dixon. So if you are not a pastor you need a pastor a you need someone that can help stuart and to shepper your soul. That is what i'm sharing with. You is that you're not gonna be able to get there by yourself. You're going to need someone that is standing in agreement with you. What scripture tells us about agreement it says ebony to touching as agreeing on anything of the earth is anything on the excuse me shall be done on the father which is in heaven before you get super spiritual about it. I want you to garner learned the principle of it so that you can apply like dairy. Say an activist Faith today what does faith combines. Faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of god the greatest wealth strategy you can employ for twenty twenty. One is for you to be lead. I believe in. God secondly believe in yourself thoroughly believed in the vision and the mission. That's already on the inside of you waking you up at night waking you up early in the morning you've been investing your money spending your money in that direction. Because we're every your money is going. I wanna let you know where your heart is so where you are investing spending wasting whatever you're doing with your money however you're stewarding what you've been blessed with. That is where your heart is. If you find yourself as an educator and you find yourself you don't even know how your exhausting your budget to be able to bless the children at your school in your classroom man. Listen god is getting ready to revive and refreshed with a new perspective in this digital virtual space. How you can do that even better. I would be remiss. If i didn't take the time to shout out my school where i serve as a dean of climate and culture at dawson. Elementary middle school principal is curtis. Brown curtis brown. They assistant principals. Kimberly dawkins a host of staff family faculty members community. Listen we are getting it. Done at dawson. Elementary middle school. And to my brother. Steve banks a shoutouts cohort four. Yet coho core cohort for is in the building. I said all that to say. What is that. today's day of activation. Where i want you to come square with yourself in the mirror. Your dreams have one hundred percent chance of causing you to win but you must believe at that thing already one before you step on the battlefield. You had to see him on. And even when the results don't initially manifested in the way that you see it in your spirit as long as you have breath in your body you have another chance in an opportunity not to try but to do. I was speaking to someone who really dear to my heart. And they were telling me that they. They couldn't find the motivation. They were looking to take action. They fine sufficient information that landed them to act or to activate of what they believe in. Sometimes you don't have to always be motivated or inspired to act sometimes just appear knowledge or having the principle of knowing what to do is enough you heard various talk about it sometimes passionate is what leads you to the but once you get to the purpose of course that passion states residents but it begins to take on some very intentional Intentional structures in shapes and organizations. And so i know sometimes you looking for passion. This show won't fire in excitement and and all of this exuberance but sometimes passion is showing up. When you don't feel like it and making a solid in a sound decision. Even win the feeling of motivation has left you. Don't that's called escort commitment. You wanna show. I wanna show you somebody. This passionate with passion begins to shake take shape in born and it takes on a purpose when passion takes on purpose. It becomes commitment. Commitment means that.

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