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And what's not and this way. We hope that we'll be able to cover all the products that are on the market. And not just you know whatever is worth reviewing for a professional reviewer. So I'm curious what you've seen. I mean you've done reviews but you're you also watch. I assume a lot of youtube videos of product you read. I assume a lot of quote professional reviews although a lot of our listeners may dispute that we are professionals they take issue with what we say time which is fine. Because they're they're reviews are subjective and and that's the way it'd be but how are you seeing the priorities of your user base right now as difference to what you typically see from somebody who maybe does this for a living and may be a little bit if not jaded than than somewhat ambivalent about what they're reviewing because they do it so often? I mean one of the clear things that we see is that that there's there's one more thing that I think. Professional reviewers are typically not very well not very good at doing and that is giving you a long-term perspective about a product so there are these like after the buzz and and everybody calls it something else you know like re review one year later or whatever but it's it's hard to get a consistently clear idea about how a product has aged and and we are coming to to build up more features in the future that that make it really obvious whether a product is not just interesting as it launches but whether it gets good software support whether it breaks whether it is durable whether it is still a good investment later down the line so I think that's that's one thing and then the second thing is I feel like I feel like we tech reviewers. We live in a little bit of a bubble and we we kind of parrot each other. I think a lot of it even with the best intentions. You basically think that the community things a certain thing. Something is important. Another thing is not important and then I think we all just assumed that this is relevant and now we go along in these These are generally assumed directions. And one of the things. I hope that the community will show is what the community really cares about. So like you'll actually be able to see okay. Which aspect of a product is important to the People? In which aspect is not. I have a very different approach to reviews than say Jerry. I have a very different approach to reviews than say Andrew or Alex or anybody else on my team. I love that it does come down to individual preference but you know what I've always found really interesting especially about these umbrella. Brands like android central. Is that when I personally review a Galaxy S. twenty on a c? I'm personally reviewing it. But it comes to represent the entire brands opinion of this product. What I what I love about crowd. Is that eventually with enough data points. It doesn't matter because it just kind of equals out over time right if you are able to break down. These certain categories. Somebody who really really cares about. The camera will be able to filter for devices that prioritize camera features are particular camera features over battery life for display size or something like that. What's the evolution of the community or or the APP the community within the APP? Say a year from now once you hit a critical mass of users. What would your ideal relationship be with that community? And how do you see that may be impacting? The the way that a typical android central reader or youtube watcher will will make buying decisions if crowd gets large enough that it's also just a defacto choice in how people decide what to buy what what what. I'd like crowd to be in a year. I have many ideas and many wishes and many dreams. We'll see which of them actually come true but The first thing I would love to first of all build up a really good product database. That would be kind of the the number one step and we are actually working. This very hard I think one of the core like kind of infrastructure layer things that is missing from the product review and the product buying and discussion. Experience is to just have a really nice free easily understandable well categorized reporter. Terry all the products where you can see you know when it was released What the SPECS are what other devices? It is connected to. I always have this pet peeve that no maybe some of the devices like phones they have like you know. You have sites like You know. Gsm Marina or whatever that have an okay database. Actually pretty decent database. But I'd just like to have an even better database and for all the gadgets As a as a foundation and I see this as a as a wikipedia like project Especially based on on the feedback from our users. So far we have since we've launched the APP We create our product database manually. So my co founder and I we just input things into databases find images but we've received I think while over eight hundred product requests from people so far and we have people who are like very actively now monitoring whenever a new phone comes out whenever new earphones from a particular brand Kamat. And whatever so we plan to to you know together with the community at build out a system that where where this stays up to date and relevant and and well connected 'em and then We would actually not really like to replace professional reviews. I think you are hinting at this. A little bit but really we think that it would be a really nice compliment to it So We want to create two things that I think would be really useful for For publishes like yourself one is kind of to to give the the ability to expose our day die into let's say embedded in an article of yours or in your forum where you can for example say. Hey we're doing a review Here's our opinion of it. And by the way you can see you can see what the community thinks of it. And then this could be embedded into either articles of publishers or on posts or on social media basically to become like a source of truth. For what the community thinks of any particular aspect of any particular product? Then we Would like to Go past reviews so we would also like to let people like we'd like to turn this APP into a sort of news feed almost so you you you Pick which devices you own. What product categories? You're interested in and then you could bring in articles from let's say android central or or whatever publication into newsfeed. We already have a sort of newsfeed And then you could. You could follow stuff there And we would like to people also express their opinion on products that they don't own yet Not In a form of a review but in a form of let's say You can vote on. How exciting you think newly released product is or if there's a leak would you like this or would you like that you like curve screens and general or not That sort of stuff so a lot of news and community engagement stuff and then hopefully making that data really well-structured and really Easy to digest and also to to Exposed to external places. You can you can see it. Not just on crowd but you can see it on in an article somewhere and so on. I'm not sure if I've answered the question but those are th that's amazing. I mean that's really ambitious. I'd love to learn. I mean this will obviously play out and we'll have you on the show again once the Wants a bit more mature and perhaps once it's public but I you know before we move on I just want to ask do you have monetization plans if If if you can talk about them like what would your ideal way be of earning money from this as it ad based as it partnering with? Oem's is it sponsored. Placements is it. You know all number of is charging for access to the API so that you can embed widgets on webpages. Do you need me to be your business manager because I could help joking but all of these like there are so many potential ways to make money on an APP like this and and yet it's so intrinsically difficult to make money from any APP That I I wonder what your what your current plans are for that. We've had all the all the same ideas that you've just listed here And honestly I wouldn't really pick one. That will be the one that we go with because honestly we'd have to Simply try what works what doesn't work and and and we really want to make sure that of course. This is a community approach so we really want to make sure that the community feels like they're not being taken advantage of or or not Selling their private purchasing data to whoever or we really want to make sure that they feel like our monetization model doesn't hurt them. And and hopefully factually makes makes life better for them. But we we're we're playing around with all of those options and one one of the easiest initial thoughts that we have and again It'S UP FOR DEBATE. An for testing But but the initial idea that we have is that people have already asked us why there isn't a purchase button in the APP. So let's say you find the perfect pair of headphones You've gone through all the reviews now. He's decided that this is what what you want. Why not you know. Give you a a a a place to link to. I don't know Amazon or your local retailer and then you have an affiliate Business Model So that could be a base because that that is actually something people have already requested. So we're we're looking at it and we'll see we'll see how that goes and then we're also looking at a lot of other monetization methods we're thinking off some kind of premium subscription Possibly if if people feel that the That that the would want to support the community and they would want to avoid having other monetization. What else that as an option at honestly it's all on the our. Our current goal is just to make sure that we have we nailed the engagement and the the the product review.

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