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Know about this is the Sean Hannity show. 25 told the top of the hour 809 41, Sean, our number. You want to be a part of the program. We're not gonna let up. We're not going to stop. History needs to be properly recorded. Not that I have. Ah, whole lot of faith anymore in the door. Um, quote, never ending investigation. Special Counsel. Whatever. I just don't But you know, we are because of the final You call it a document Dump in D. C. Finally, the declassification these documents. In the final waning days of the president's administration are extraordinarily revealing. And this is stuff which again just makes one scratch their head and wonder. Two years waited for its inspector General Horowitz, forget the report. There are numerous referrals in that report for well the same exact things that people like Roger Stone and Manafort and others were You know, harassed for years about, but nothing has been done. Nobody's been held accountable anyway. We now understand that in the spring of 2017 Andrew McCabe, deputy FBI director apparently was summoned to the Justice Department for a high level Sunday morning meeting led by then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Never. He signed the fourth and final FISA application, by which time we already had Christopher Steele on record We now know as a result of the classified documents and the sub source of steel. Steel, admitting that the only reason he was pushing his stupid dossier that he knew was full of crap to was to help Hillary Clinton divert attention away from the email server issues. Yes, they were real crimes. Yes, there was a real violation of the espionage Act. 18, USC 7 93 and yes, Subpoenaed emails were deleted and bleach bit was real and hammers and devices and sim cards and all that happened. That would put any one of us. We the little people. I guess all of us will be in jail that irredeemable, deplorable, smelly Wal Mart shopping. People that we are anyway. McCabe showed up thinking it was a coordination and logistic issues meeting for the special counsel than taking over Robert Mueller. And he found himself to be the subject of the discussion. And Rosenstein wanted McCabe to recuse himself as the I guess. Temporary FBI director from the Russia probe because McCabe's wife had run from office that was pointed out by President Trump many times in Virginia. And yet, Clinton ally Terry McCall of, you know, raising massive sums of money that you don't really get for a state local race because of well at least the appearance of impropriety may also remember that you know McCabe in the I G report saying that he lacked candor. And that's where Inspector General made a referral or what was the whole charge. Say, you know, Stone, Manafort, Look at Roger Stone lying to Congress. Well, that got him 29. Men in tactical gear and frogmen and a predawn raid guns drawn CNN cameras rolling and the hell that they put him through the exact same thing anyway, you might. This is McCabe denying it. Rejecting the IG report, Michael Horowitz said no reason alive, But anyway, here's what McCabe said at the time. I never intentionally misled anyone about anything, and I certainly have not committed a crime. I was asked questions on two separate occasions about an article that had appeared months before I was asked questions completely unprompted in the middle of other farm or intense and challenging issues that were swirling around me at the time. Um, when I've thought after the fact that those answers may have been inaccurate or mistaken, I reached out to those folks to make sure that they understood exactly what I meant and understood exactly what the situation was. Well, if you you know, you just listen to this guy opening, okay? Not with the report said. That's not what we've learned, you know is we've learned a lot anyway. John Solomon is with us. He's he's been poring through these now declassified files in the final days of Trump's presidency. With apparently some update here. John Solomon. Yes, I'm going to be with you. Listen, these documents are amazing. I've said it before. These are too I think. FBI integrity What the Pentagon papers were to the Vietnam War. Every time you read them, you discover something else. I was just reading and preparing for a show today. This incredible, Jule. That's around the time that you were. McCabe is meeting with Rosenstein right after Comey's fired and out of the blue. I just read it for the first time. The first time I've ever seen this, Rosenstein tells McCabe, uh, right after Comey's fired The president didn't fire me just because of Russia. He had intended to fire him all along. Going back to January when they first came into office. He didn't think that Comey was a good FBI director. Why is that significant? We gave a president To special counsel Mueller to investigate the firing of James Comey as obstructing the Russia investigation, when in fact the contemporaneous evidence now shows The idea to fire Comey started long before Russia just every time we read these documents were gonna learn something new about just how misled we were. How much deception in the official annals of government? Was carried out in how often the president was mistreated by false facts. I mean time and time again, a false narrative was pointed put out there. And the exculpatory facts were always hidden by the bureaucrats by them key players in Congress and we're on Lee now getting the truth. Four years later, it's It's incredible. What's frustrating is guys like Durham. He's had access to this information the whole time. As you know, he has absolutely he knows every says Low hanging fruit. John, This is not complicated stuff here. You know, we're gonna prosecute General Flynn for perjury trap. Where? Where I sent them in something I wouldn't do in the Bush or Obama administration's and even the FBI agents didn't think it was lying. But they send us a sign this paper that says you did. You lied, even though we didn't think you lie or we're gonna go after your son and your family. That's right. Listen, we're going to release in the next couple days. A new document. It's going to be the transcript of Carter Page talking to an FBI informant two months before they seek the FISA warrant two months before. The FBI knew from that interaction with Carter Page that Carter Page was not someone who had changed the Republican platform to help rush him. He said it we wasn't involved in. He was not someone that was trying to get Hillary Clinton's emails, all the allegations that Christopher Steele had put in his dossier. We're already debunked by an undercover informant wearing a wire catching Carter page, unaware that he was talking to an FBI informant. Making statements that were exculpatory statements of innocents and the FBI. When you read this transcript, then you look at what the FBI did in the subsequent application, you realize knowingly willfully Multiple members of the F B. I misled the FISA court. It's not even in doubt anymore. Yeah, I mean, it's and look when we say premeditated fraud is that now we know from these documents in these final days, declassification that in fact they had interviewed Christopher Steele early on and steals, admitted the reason he was pushing the dossier. Was to distract on behalf of Hillary Clinton's campaign because he hated Trump, You know, hence, we can go back to August, the 2016 and the warning even by Bruce, or that he's got a political agenda and that he's tied to the Clinton and Clinton's paying for this crap. On that. Even the sub source in January 2017. They all knew and still call me put his signature on three of the four warrants Rod Rosenstein, the final one, which is inexplicable to me, because everybody knew by then it was at that point was a hoax. And still, they went forward with even the charging dictates Rosenstein of Robert Mueller. It's just remarkable. And you know you're looking at a zoo. I go through these notes. You see, Rod Rosenstein really appears in the FBI knows to be such a weak character. There's a moment in the conversations with Andy McCabe..

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