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With this incredible promises incredible future. All it is is is a tornado CO or in the case of a kid in high school is a good friend of apparent. I know his parents really well, and he had a college scholarship to go to Rutgers not division. One powerhouse earning play football. But he his newest so bad. He almost lost his leg. Oh my goodness. Football playing football. So look at this. And I think to myself these kids are working their employees for billion dollar corporation called the NC double A. That's what they are. And what the NC double A's argument against then being able to not just get paid. But some of them are they just wanna do endorsements and people would love it. Let him doors shoes and your NCWA says I love it they go. Well, it might hurt their academics. Right. Yeah. You guys you're paying how much is early one all the money. They don't want to share it. And how much is urban Meyer. Getting God what tens of millions of dollars a year plus two commercials plus appearances in movies. I think again, some of you won't like this phrase. But since most of these kids are African American it's a freaking plantation. It's like the NFL. These are why these are mostly white people telling black people what they can do for money. And was amazing control over their lives. And if they are lucky enough to get to the NFL and be a star maybe five years and then everybody assumes, they're they're they're set for life. And in some cases, they do. Well, but then we're forgetting about CTE and other come into play as well. Corey Jackson is a former NFL player who played with the Browns and the Broncos in the CEO of a company called courts a corks excuse me. It's platform. That's I think it's really remarkable insight into athletes, and the what we're talking about here. The business of playing in the NC double A and B denied that accord. Thanks for being with us. It's Chipper Nikki. How are you? Bunch of things here. You know, we I love to talk NFL forever. We could start with Nick can do that for ten hours. But let's start first with the players these kids in the NC, double A. We're all going to be watching them next Monday night biggest stage of their lives, and unlike basketball, these these kids are lies have already really been impacted physically. Some of them are going to have injuries that they will deal with forever. And they've been playing since pop Warner why first of for what happened last fall with that case in Oakland came before a federal judge, I believe it was a federal judge about whether or not the NC double A continue this relationship with amateur athletes by not paying them. Yeah. Yeah. I think. One of the things that I see. Aa is really all about athlete. And do it at all costs rates when you look at how things shake out for athlete student athlete. There's so much right? So much word so much blood, sweat, and tears and at end of the day. I look at it. Little value for value exchange. Right. The one giving now in what you're receiving am. I receiving the equal back, right? When you see two billion dollar corporation universities making millions and millions of dollars in it. I get a piece of paper, and I do have to work for that piece of paper at the end of that. I don't know. I'm even going to get a job, right? Like a lot of those athletes are not getting jobs and careers university tonight open them, and the I know that is because they come to us. They come to us for us to help them buy those those career paths and those things they're looking for. They can be successful later on in life. You know, this is Corey in the truth that in the NBA, you're not even allowed to have financial assistance. I mean, like, you can't have a financial adviser help you in your your junior senior year when you're talking about your possibilities NCWA. I mean, it seems to me like it's more than just them trying not to have to dole money out, it, it almost seems something like that. They were they resented so much. They wanna punish these young men. They want control over. They want the control award. That's what it comes down to is control. Right. They they wanna be a control, and they want you to depend on them. They want to ask me to feel like they're getting done a favor. But you gotta think from a business perspective once you empower to athlete than where to stop for them. Right. So so the. Very aware that they're saying knowing their power you guys because wants me apart and. And they really understand what their real value is going to be harder. I controlled do you. Remember did you suffer any injuries in college plan? Not not serious injuries. So I was I was fortunate in that way. But I, you know, just the basics. Yeah. Anything like that? Because I mean, we're we're obviously, you know, I know a handful of a former NFL players, and you know, they worry about CD. They also again you at that moment in your life, your young man, there's a lot of money coming your way. And you know, a lot of these young men make mistakes, and then they don't have any money when they're out, and and then they're not encouraged to take difficult classes in college. I know this for cofactor friends of my son was brilliant kid, and he wanted to play golf, and the golf guy said you can't major in an e electrical engineering and play for me. I mean, that's just wrong. Yeah. I mean, it has been very clear when you get so I played division one, football and basketball. And so when you get on campus. Do you know like what's your therefore? Right. What takes precedent? And so, you know, school two secondary. One hundred percent is secondary. A really that's what led me to start the company because you work with those. I have experienced and over me having my own personal experience. I learned that you know, our job is to help the market plan, understand athletes, intrinsic value. We help them nurse that we try them out and promote and market into those can. They can still valuable because a lotta times athletes, you're talking about what they're playing a lot of people assuming the athletes are not as valuable anymore. And we say, no, that's not the case. There's a lot of value created expansive and debate that you have in your genetic makeup. Ed. The thing that you do. There that you can add to companies and brands, and you can get paid very well for that. I interviewed Alan Iverson wants. And he said that an NBA executive told him he goes, look, do you want to have friends or do you wanna have money because you can't have both and his kids that he grew up with his whole life. You guys have great example of a dude got his life back together after you know, hitting rock bottom, and there's a lot of young people like that. And they're young. I mean, you know, ten years in the league, and they're only thirty two I mean. The they don't understand when someone tells you to be your friends. Good. Good. The people that you grown up with. And you know, and you know, that you could be probably paying situations. You didn't have a certain amount of talent those what people tell you leave. Those don't understand is. Very easily. I'll tell you like, let's help empower those guys. Right. Change the dynamic but their lives because now they have more guy. They see how they add value to the world. Just power. And so what happens is, I leave all my friends, right? And I'm planning on making money into something happened the league spitting chew me up. And spit me out. I go, right. Not only that not only do you not have friends you've given up the honor and integrity that was part of you for this for this this this. I think got a cool website, it's quirks. But it's spell Q U E R T, Z dot com and people's check it out. It's a really interesting you kind of go through, and it's a it's a cool rabbit hole to go into and to see what you guys are up to corporal, do it again real soon. I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much. Thank you again. Quirks episode IRA. It's Q U E R KT, z dot com. Check it out. It's really neat. I I to ask start you guys. So when when you hear about? NFL or NBA? Let's just talk about those two right now. And you are they do they deserve to get paid. And do you see any downside of that? Because I'll tell you what the I'll tell you what the NCWA says. But I mean would that change the game for you watching if you get paid we wouldn't really bother me either say more of that and get your phone calls next. The phone number again is eight hundred eighty eight ten eighty eighty eight ten I'm chip that's. Jio.

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