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Free Hackensack meridian health the New England Patriots are flying over a million of those N. ninety five facemask to Boston from China patriots spokesperson says the team's Boeing seven sixty seven went over there yesterday to pick up one point two million masks and other supplies that plane now headed back to the U. S. should be coming in shortly in any event Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker reportedly struck a deal couple weeks ago to get the critically needed masks from a collection of Chinese manufacturers he was dealing with but the only thing he didn't have a way to get in from over there back to here enter the New England Patriots and team president Jonathan Kraft got involved with it after the US state department got in and did a little finagle ling one thing led to another about a bill about obeying and they are now getting masks delivered here meantime special arrangements were made to allow the plane to land in China the flight crew never left the jet for the three hour loading process so they avoided that two week quarantine in China everything worked out pretty good there and football isn't happening on the field actually we don't have any sports going on right now but it looks like the football teams are doing it big to help in this situation a big giant thank you today for example for workers at New York Presbyterian we cannot thank you enough and just want you to know how much we all appreciate what you're doing to the benefit of so many others so please stay safe stay healthy and god bless yeah that was former giant great the line manning who recorded a message that was played at the hospital's morning meeting yesterday Hey they went ahead and charge that guy who allegedly tried to commit suicide by cop yesterday this is a Bronx man who called the police about four o'clock Wednesday morning member this story we mentioned to you he allegedly told them to come and shoot me well police say they got there and he was armed with a knife in what they thought was a real gun turned out to be a power gun but they shot him nine times after he allegedly came after them with that they say they didn't know what it was police say fifty five year old Ricardo Cardona told them he had diabetes and other underlying diseases and on top of that he said he thought he was dying because he said I have the corona virus and I want to be shot they didn't know at that time whether he had it or not well they checked him out and today yep he's a confirm Kerio cold at nineteen but he's also charged with attempted assault on a cop and weapons possession he remains in stable condition over at Jacobi tonight we'll.

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