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Certainly there's there's many obstacles um named do you wanna you wanna talk a little bit about that i think outside of finances and time it's a big commitment in terms of paper working kind of getting ready for the process um yes certainly our government has regulations other countries uh working collaboratively with the hague convention combat ads kind of a level of protection which is great of in much needed in the uh particularly particular intercountry adoption process but because of that there's a lot of rules and regulations which are necessary but kind of add to the time mom do you want to add yeah we show hope you know founded in two thousand and three are r underlying hope is that we can also be an organization that israeli known for best practices and sell adoption can be hard and difficult when you're looney are looking outside of the united states i mean it's obviously difficult when you're looking at adopting domestically here the united states um so we are real intentional with our families and we try to help point them to countries who are operating within that hague convention that just gives a level of protection because there can just be some dino adoptions that happened that are ethical and so we really look for countries that are operating under the standards that the hague set forth can you tell us what some of those countries are yet while they've that they they am fluctuate you know some become hague accredited i call it a spotlight now the spotlight kinda shines on some countries that go k where we're doing pretty good it options here and then it kinda shifts around but right now one of the biggest countries that we do adoptions through its china obviously are girls are from china so that's a big one south korea south korea obviously the united states lead author about the hague as its domestic we up until just a few months ago that we did a lot we allow the ladder grants with families who were adopting from ethiopia but.

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