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Is going to be okay they're going to have some more draft choice is coming up in a couple of worker drafts there from vlada in the guys in they could be okay pacers go to atlanta 105 ninety five indiana minus five wounded by 10 total was to 13 so the game those way under finishing at two hundred heat surprise the celtics and beantown abbott that nine point dogs outline actually went up for me to nine and the total went down from two a wanted to hundreds of the total is going the right way because the game was a dead under only finished at 179 with miami gets the money line victory ninety two eighty nine and beantown but as a nice win and pat riley feeling good tonight down there in the sunshine state be wild we gave you the okc 1 of 7 79 beat up on the jazz bulls do it again seven in all with mirror to unbelievable i mean didn't even waste any time taking care of the orlando magic one 1202 94 the final their bowls laying five totals twotenths of the game goes under finishing a 206 and lakers update 2018 eighteen lakers 106 rockets 102 go is a big time when they're 15point dogs in that gave i'll get the money line for your figure out what that is hold on let me let me let me see 'cause now curious i i gotta check it out in all of a sudden i got to see what it is lakers on the money line it's a fat one i mean who who to thank it let's let's go down and check what is here old lakers going into houston very impressive lakers nokia kidding me lakers plus nine hundred thirty on one hundred tonight in houston while you trust see no doubt there all of a sudden your wife's getting a better gift wow that is back right there the rockets if you played the rockets shame on you blink 1200 seventy five dollars to win a hundred trust me there's people out there a brady cannon might be one of those guys i could see brady kennedy thrown thirty seven hundred on the rockets money on tonight to win three hundred that's pretty kennedy's got that kind of money but i don't think he did it and he's a big warrior fence up he may do that on a warrior some nice but that is a.

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