Nikos Christodoulakis, Bush, IMF discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


July nikos christodoulakis has more from luxembourg the averts that each of a default by the wasn't the strong enough for the international monetary fund who say that the concept that sustainable and this likely not sufficiant for the europeans for the bank to start buying getting bonj some cloudy because even though critics who got you that the gun bush kick down the road again and the decision was convincing enough for greece chassis beauty gained the rational in verse though she and thus finally escape bassac rachel which bailouts nikos alert us bloomberg news luxembourg and we'll go live to luxembourg to talk more about this story and to talk about why the imf isn't signing up to this bailout agreement at this moment speaking of the imf the international monetary fund has said that the euro areas economic recovery has gained momentum however it did warned that some of the region it's high debt countries may face difficulties when monetary policy accommodation is reduced at the same time the fun cautioned that inflation expectations remain subdued with core inflation at undesirably low levels now hey in the uk prime minister theresa may's conservatives have reached an agreement with the democratic unionists on thursday at least on the bull principles for the next queen's speech which takes place now next week outlining the government's legislative agenda meanwhile theresa may faces growing outrage over the london tell a fire beanbags alex malice has the details the deal boys the criminal time if she tries to finalise a longer term agreement with the dup that will allow her to govern after last week's election wiped out a majority may also announced a public inquiry into a fire in a west london tobrok the may have killed dozens of people anger is rising in the district kensington that the block didn't have specified protections despite residents complaining for years that it was unsafe so far seventeen people unknown.

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