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In between arth and mars so if you go to mars you'll have to cross the scale of asteroids but it's not like star tribal was was weatherly you don't dodge between them the kind of far away there's a whole bunch of asteroids that orbit the sun within a sudden diameter away from the sun where you're not a minister akiba's who said to the question your signals scientists you are infected engineers and that was the difference practically from astronomer regifter applause unwitted by intense dream about what will they wanna do we build a spacecraft i could do it you build spaceships idea home as crazy local cool of young shift meanwhile you're like a map scientists that's cool you want to be an astronaut won't play today is that kind of a goal for a lot of people who built not surprisingly not a lot like it's not i would assume it was like everyone 'cause they who doesn't want to hear face a lot of people don't parents can is gary laura how far as i go away also i'm canadians i couldn't applied to the we get the fucking canadian not i don't know if he looks like a of almost exactly the same as yours but far superior i don't know if you can tell some of the way i already an astronaut i am orbiting a celestial body of utopia down here and sort of an asteroid built up the united states i understand the cheaper favoritism now frenchcanadians a yap would seen in seattle suppressor like that nothingness garbage that's what we think of your countries will be and it's not the bottom okay so newark rides.

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