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Greco became the greco roman empire worship zeus and the most important altered zeus was the one that was in the city of pergamon the romans come tim jupiter the greeks called him zeus ancient poets say that all people worship him and the emperors were his manifestation they were his children they were his hand among the other nations it wasn't like today where there was many different countries and each one had a ruler and people voted it was the greco and then roman empire there was one leader like the beast one dragon like like zeus or jupiter and they ruled many many many people's in the altar which was the most important one to north of it was a sanctuary to zeus and one to athena so the the priests would offer a sacrifice on the altar and then he would step up into the sanctuary where the spirit of zeus would hunt him and he would then enter into deep community communication and receive message that would be passed down into the aristocracy and into the imperial house because in the ancient world in the world of rome the ariza kratz that came from the oligarchy from from you know the wealthy families they were all also priests many of the oligarchs were priests and priests held political office in the roman world the division was not like it is in our world see so there are many many priests who held high political office and the emperor himself was considered to be you know the foods maximus the leader of the state's religion and the manifestation of its god where the where the people in pergamon yes were they at the time of of christ were they were they still worshipping zeus as in of course that's why antithesis was killed and like it says right here in the letter that uses road antipates was the bishop of pergamon he was accused of monotheism because remember at this point the world is paul cystic and the worship.

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