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Money laundering is the way clever crooks hide individually spend all of the money, they've stolen in this is a tale about what's believed to be the biggest money laundering scheme in history. It involves nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars a very suspicious money from Russia and the former Soviet Union. That was fun of into the western banking system, right, under the noses of major banks and regulators in the United States in Europe, who either facilitated it turned a blind eye at the heart of it is a whistle blower, who found one loose thread in decided to pull on it. Howard Wilkinson is an Oxford man, cautious prudent and a bit of a stickler after his cover was blown last fall in a newspaper article is the person who uncovered the scandal he has spent much of his time wandering the British countryside. Trying not to be found being a whistle blower in a case involving two t- Russian money. It's not a good place to be you're still concerned, you've got to be having the very nature of the people who want to launder money, probably means that you want to go down the pub and have a pint with, but he did sit down with us and told his tale about a financial crime. So big it's hard to fathom. And number reported for the whole thing over the six or seven years is two hundred and thirty billion dollars. Of suspicious. Money, one Bank to two hundred thirty big branch branch Wilkinson had worked there as a mid level executive for dansko back the biggest financial institution in Denmark, and one of the most respectable banks in Europe. As head of markets for the Baltics. He worked out of a branch into Lynn Estonia, the former Soviet Republic now a NATO member right next door to the Russian bear. There were tensions, but also business opportunities in Wilkinson eventually discovered his branches. Biggest business was converting Russian rubles of.

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