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What about the guy was big poppa pump Scher hookup? He's still around. Big Papa Paul of you can hear me. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's still around me. I guess say get us out of the stooge report. I'm gonna talk about people not showing up for work. Canned brew and honor of mean, Jean Okrand. Thank you and honor of being gene Oakland passing away today at seventy six we leave you with the immortal words of the do report. One of the most exciting partnerships. The world today. He picked Robert and the python Damien, Jake, Robert what the world are we doing here on a shower because this is my time you wanted to talk to me, I didn't have to talk to you Damian didn't either I recall during the last Saturday night fate of it was you on the PDP. Ricki? Remember better than Ricky steamboat. You know, some people tell me that he's not afraid of Damian tonight. Well, let me tell you something steamboat it more shameful to deny here than it is to run from danger stepping manage at before. All right in front of thousands of our Canadian presents briefly. However, it was rookie. The people take Robert who put you away. I don't ever recall that happening now, you wait a minute. He's up with that stink. Please. Upset by the fact, shower, you're a thick band Roberts. True. I have at least you know, that tonight. The rubber MAC will have you believe Ricky steamboat can beat me mean, gene. You ought to go back to the PDF never told an encyclopedia Vic Roberts, and you couldn't even do that. Either. All right, pick the fake robbery and Fabian from here. That's the story back to you. Newsradio seven hundred wwl. Seven hundred w l w I don't know if you heard about this. But they're a lot of people ghosting at work. Basically what it is. Is you you get a job? And then before you.

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