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So I ended up living with him from like today's hundred seventeen off from the start of the seventy two towards the end of it and then moved into apartments. So when you go to ring of honor or you call Jay white. Yeah. It is J Weijia. And then that was an do you work like in the opening matches? Or are they giving you push? They're really good to me really gets me. I always see not not to go into much about fans. But like and they're like, oh this person's wasted. His it's like, I'm not they're not going to bring me in for a year. And make me like star champion nothing league. I'm gonna come in and help. And they know deal is your only there in Japan. This people understand like why would they invest the listen to me just for me all that into me just me to go and leave? So another greats me they gave me undefeated for six months, whatever, and they put me a matches with 'cause like older talk Jay Briscoe, Jay lethal. So now, it was great and singles match at the time ballroom against all spray, which everyone enjoyed so great. Yeah. Yeah. He's a echoes a free case just of frigging night show. I never knew he he's he's he's relative. He's probably same height as me. At least six foot, and then he's got like a soda frame, and he's going to bigger recently yet he's still is just like really flipping easier like Nelson. Yeah. Yeah. It's not. So, you know, he's crazy. But someone you're over there. Do you have any idea how long it's going to be or not they often they seem to me like maybe one year and a half to two years. So they say that. But really, it's just you just kind of go to play down wait until the maybe until get it gets an idea to bring you back or whatever. So you could be longer like like, I know Hiromi Takahashi he was away for the better part of three years. I think but then he came back, and he's like one of the biggest biggest maybe faces hit the like the recent MVP. The I think enough is the Tokyo sports, or if was like a new Japan one he's been alpha half the year, but he got sick. And like just behind husky on like the foul on the favorite things. He good, man. That was so awful. Yeah. I've every time. So I was with them in our way Chesley. So like it'll be closer to them. Some of the other guys always say them was like, I know you'll do some crazy stuff. My gave be careful the I've seen him in drag. They had a couple of matches over there. And they did that moving actually heard his Nicot like some. They do it again. And he's like, but he's like every time, I San Jose. Take it easy before that San Fran mesh. I see He does it as like, like. hey, Doug, a crazy tonight be gift for what he's I seriously. It's nice. It's okay. You talked to him now on enough. Yeah. Yeah. Just house. He then. Yeah. I think he's doing everything is doing a K think he's out of the hospital as far as but. Yeah, he says he's he says he's feeling go no idea in terms of recovery time when they want to come back so you so when you're working it's it's interesting to me because your guy from New Zealand who lived in England. But then you go to Japan. Now, you go to America where you're waiting to go back to Japan. Yeah. Like those guys away. Can't wait to go home and your home is not your. Yes, exactly. It was now it's become the states. This is where I was for wall. So he cut his cO comfortable there. But that's thing with New Zealand. You know? It's not easy to get to as well. But yes, I have there for a year and a half. I think I did. Yeah. About a year and a half an in came back late two dozen seventeen to come back for the dome show for last year for so it was the win. They the same night. They they announced you'll video for Kenny was the end of that show. I came back. So that was November two thousand and sin..

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