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A year um vinet fanatically will be up to another ninety six thousand dollars i can pay off the debt much faster than that but my question is whether i still go because they'll intense and do that or wait for the reimbursement program to reimburse me uh you know the full over four years yeah pay it off into a savings account pay it down to ninety six okay 'cause units that much we know we gotta do arrives pay the other ninety six that you're going to get back into a savings account so that if something happens that you step outside of that program that you need to for some reason then you can um uh turn that around but go ahead and in a sense your debt snowball is finished if you had if you had to pay down to ninety six and yet ninety six in a savings account and then you've got the option to write a check of any moment that's in addition to your baby step three that's just to offset this student loan repayment something to get saad wage there there's an integrity are ethics problem or something in you need to get out of there you don't need golden handcuff she just leave and write a cheque but if you can stay the four years and get the fort free 100 grand i'll take the free 100 grand over the four years you a doc exactly yeah okay so household income is four hundred and yet you're 103 ninety okay the two of you yeah okay because ukraine through a bunch of debt so i knew there had to be a shovel yet my like the profession but we can and queen so we've we've had a pause on most of our debts normal right now just making sure they were okay and now rooms are fine and we're ready to pick i felt.

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