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You She can read my columns every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. And they're always amazing if I say so myself. And of course I do. I'm a retired night States Army Colonel, and I am an author. Including of the Kelly Turnbull syriza of novels. The newest crisis drops on Monday. You're gonna want to get that liberals hate these books that means you'll love them and speaking of love. Well. There's there's There's nothing like the love one shares with a great and wonderful Patriot. Like Matthew Bentley, who's joining us now, Matt. How about that smooth segue way and introduction? Introducing you? Yeah. I was wondering which way you were going to go with that. How you doing? Yeah, just I'm still my mind. Still borrow goal by Carlos Antonio Borbon, they months and egg roll, bro who I have found more interesting information on which I will share with Randy Wang in another segment. But you'll be stunned to hear this. He was arrested this Mr Borbon Day Montenegro arrested for voter fraud, which I was informed did not exist. I I didn't think it didn't either. For sure, At least that's what I was told. I was told by all the best people now you're one of the best people. You're retired United States Marine, you are on activist. For people with lung diseases, people who suffered burn pit injuries overseas, which makes you somebody who has spent a lot of time. Thinking about studying and analyzing the whole cove it issue because it makes you and may fellow vets are especially, uh, Are especially vulnerable to this thing. I want to ask you. What do you think? Now? You're as a Marine. You're also a leader. So you you've got the science and you've got the leadership and then you look at somebody like our governor Newsome. And he's talking about how covert sprang out of control and we had 13,280 cases yesterday. And he says, we have to do all these very hard things. They're gonna cost a lot of you guys. A lot of money may be your business is we have to do them. Except I'm not going to do any of them. I'm just gonna keep living my life my way. What do you think? Yeah, So, So that's the thing is, it's the hypocrisy and the lack of accountability for these elected leaders that I absolutely despise. Um, you know, united personally debated mask lockdown, things like that. And I was telling people I'm probably not the right person because I have lung damage from exposure to burn pits in solution, 2006. So my family were incredibly careful about this. You know, it's masked. If I'm out, I have no issues with certain parts of the lockdown. But at the same time if you're elected leader telling people that you can't do this, and then they're going to take a vacation to Hawaii or go to a party. Yeah, I'm not good with that at all. You know, I'm on the other coast in Maryland, and they just announced more restrictive measures that take place Friday. You know, restaurants and bars have to close at 10 P.m., but they're still keeping retail open. You know, at this point, I don't know how you prevent the spread. Ah, lot of it's gonna have to come down to the choices people as individuals make, and I support that, as long as they You know, try and do the best that they can. I hate watching people's businesses get taken away from them. The thing shouldn't be destroying livelihood. You know, I'm a big believer that there's no real easy solution. We just gotta kind of get through this. But the hypocrisy from our politicians that it never ceases to amaze me, and actually, it doesn't really amaze me anymore, and I kind of expected What was it? One of the things you know, Matt Bentley is is being a marine. You know the importance of saying the example You can't and I'm retired United States Army, Colonel? No, I wasn't a jag. I know both my parents. I was infantry. You, you and you were you were commissioned officer to you Can't Have won several for you and one several No, I want to do that. You lose all credibility, and you don't really regain it. You know you have to lead by example. And that's always been my biggest peppy with politicians. Although it's obviously much larger than a pet peeve. It's just thought that the total lack of integrity, accountability and then the utter hypocrisy that they practice on a daily basis as if it's some sort of secular religion. What do you think people adjust? Except this mad badly? I mean, why did they just say Well, you know, I guess you know, I guess Gavin Newsom knows best even though we've been doing way said for eight months, and now it's spreading faster than ever. And Why do people just kind of sheep like take this? S so that's it. That's a psychology question, which which I do actually have a bachelors in from undergraduate, but I think a lot of people are just shut up. And I'm not sure how much people are taking it, You know? Plus you do have people who out there, probably half the country who say Well, no, This is the right thing to do, because this issue like so many other issues, has been politicized. Which I also can't stand. You know, people don't go ahead. Well, let's do a quick shift. Because you you are also a best selling author. You're right. Hard core thrillers. Very exciting When she got a new one coming out. You just made a deal. Tell us about it. I do. So my first four books follow. Ah, former Force Reconnaissance Marine named Logan West. Very intense Geo political action thrillers. First one was nominated for an award. We have a movie deal at one point And then what I realized because, as you know, publishing is a very brutal business, so I didn't have a book come out this year for the first time in four years, and what I decided to do was write a standalone thriller, not a Logan West. Bringing new readers. And so I just signed a deal with a new publisher for a book called The Neighborhood, which is about a gated community 40 Miles west of D. C. That comes under siege in one night by an assault force, and they're looking for something very specific. And all of these residents who are not your typical protagonists have to figure out how to survive this assault. And then it turns into a very modern take on a spy thriller. I've got a suburban dad is a main character. I've got a 17 year old female high school track star, the main character. You know, it's it's what What do I do? If I'm thrown into this situation? I really plotted it out as realistically as I could. Now that book the neighborhood probably won't come out until late next year. We're still waiting for the final time line from the publisher, which is Blackstone Publishing. How do you come up with ideas? I mean, look, I I write thrillers too. And, you know, usually minor. I'm like really bored and suddenly I get an idea. There it is. How do ideas come to you? That's actually very similar. What'll what'll happen is I'll start thinking about something and then a bunch of other ideas will come into my head. And when one of them hits I just know it's the right idea. And this one hit me as I was tossing and turning and trying to get back to sleep. It's 4 30 in the morning because I had a different idea and a different book that I had already done. Research for. That I was going to write. But this deal was so much better, especially the way I play it out that I knew that was the one for this book. Well, look, you right, really exciting thrillers, and I want to share a pet peeve. All of us have been watching a lot of Netflix. I mean, we've been watching a ton of Netflix because we're you know, stuck in our houses can't go to movies. Whatever. I'm sure if you noticed that a lot of these Netflix and Amazon prime and who lose Cherries are boring. Why do you think that you want to die? Is so I have we actually over the last Four weeks We binge watched a show that a lot of my readers and followers told me that I should have been watching a long time You called Banshee, which was absolutely I was one of them. Yes, And and then Right now we are on strike Pack, which I cannot believe I had not watched this show until this week, and we're already almost done with the first season because I I now understand what some of my fans said. These two characters room it really reminded of Logan West and John Quick, and you know it's It's so we've been watching very exciting television..

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