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Bring myself in any way with the only person. Personally, tried to kill me. He wanted me to treat him few successful. Canetti also sport spoke in court yesterday saying he's sorry about what happened in regrets. What he did? A judge has found probable cause we keep it a couple accused in the murder of a 67-year-old Renton man behind bars. Couple did not appear in court. Detectives say last Wednesday thirty nine year old Jeremy Schaap pepper sprayed. The victim in bludgeoned him over the head until he died the next day. Investigators say to handyman found the dead man, wrapped in her and a tarp with his hands and feet tied up deputies say Shah and his wife Lorena Shaw stole the man's belongings, including his car, which they burned into coma. A homeless camp in Aberdeen is closing slowly the city bought the property recently and put up a gate with no trespassing signs camp has been there for at least a decade. But the city recently brought bought the property saying it's too dangerous wants everyone out, but the mayor is allowing those who are actively seeking help to stay till they can get on their feet like Christina Gilchrist in Johnny glued who spoke with komo's Keith Eldridge. You're doing some kind of services to show that you're bettering. Your your situation is going to be a time when you're going to be able to to move out. For those who aren't seeking help and still say the city says sale get trespassing tickets today crews are cleaning up a homeless camp where dogs had attacked two people in the past five days. The latest attack was just Wednesday in Soto near Snoqualmie and sixth avenue. Witnesses say dog bit a man working on a truck right by one of the many RV's in that area. The dog's owner was ticketed, and because of the new attack the city says it may speed up plans to clear out the camp. The first the money Pearl Jam Reeves with the home shows concerts will be aimed squarely getting and keeping young homeless. People off the streets was guitarist. Mike mccready shows Pearl Jam.

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