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Houses. Do stuff like that and Sunday. Dinner Club still exists. It's located upstairs above honey butter fried check in which is in the Avondale neighborhood. Just north of Logan Square and highly recommend Senator and club in and of itself to get on there Guest is less because they do amazing work there and it's so intimate you feel like you're in their home getting to know them and just other diners take care of their people you know. They really care they really want to evolve. They want to change the restaurant scene and make it a a better culture and they do so many different initiatives and ongoing training and the have insurance for other teams. Yeah I mean like they are doing it. They're killing it. They're kicking it so when you go to Chicago please make special stop there until Matt and Brad said Hello. Yes yes I know. Give them both air. Hugs for for us because we adore them and admire them and their food is just wonderful. In and of itself the fried chicken served with honey butter the corn muffins into sandwich. You can have it with a side of mental Mac and cheese with cookies for dessert. All of it just excellent excellent people and a couple of other excellent people that were we feel very connected to you are David Meghan Miller from Baker from Baker Miller this bakery and in cafe and Lincoln Square and these two. They're wonderful human beings and they made our wedding cake for us. When we got married and Double Bunk Cake Banana Plum Double Bundt cake with us like Vanilla frosting WHO's out? It looked like ooh actually looked like mammoth hot springs rings or something like that just like these this beautiful colors and like leaves coming from it. It was really a cool thing. Tastes like software though it was not like he also done cake but so good. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. But they do because they're cafe their home he like wonderful. Warm welcoming. Cafe has delicious wishes cookies and cakes and pies like chocolate chest pie and her Chata Pie and I think my favorite time to go. There's for breakfast to get coffee and they they do. Yummy like grits poles topped with like pork sausage or like corn and cheese and CILANTRO. But I actually my favorite thing and this is like something. They are famous for stunningly. Is there oatmeal just the best meal. It's made with heirloom oats with cultured cream. Cinnamon sugar toasted PECANS secons hotmail. It's like this is. How should people would love oatmeal and eat it so much or if it was this good Dave and Meghan Miller they really put the love and soul back into very fast food very and bakery items? You know they. They're two very passionate people That they built something for themselves from nothing and their story is amazing the them as people as mazing and like just talking about makes me miss them more and more because I just love like hang out with them and seeing them randomly and coming and visiting them at Baker Miller and along a lot of Chicago because really is this beautiful place with so much. Amazing Yeah I think it's. It's good to kind of wrap. I could talk endlessly but I think it's good to wrap up this Chicago. Minneapolis it with Baker Miller. You're in like honey butter fried chicken because folks like these like David Meghan Miller and Christine Joshua honey butter. I feel like they really exemplify the city of Chicago. And what we love most about it and why we lived there in what we miss most about. It is just this natural hospitality and passion and kindness and empathy and all these things in addition just being talented human beings who are putting their work out there and sharing it with the world and it's wonderful in every way in every sense so we miss all of this. It's essential when we go back that we visit these people on their businesses. We we miss you. We miss you Chicago. You've been listening to park. Land a show about National Parks Park Land as production. Oh by heart. Radio created by Makara. Wak Brad Kerouac and Christopher has. Yoda's produced edited by Mike. John's our executive producer is Christopher. Has He Otis R. Researcher. It's Jesulin Jesulin. Shield a special. Thanks goes out to Gabrielle Collins Crystal Waters and the rest of the park landy accrue and hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on apple podcasts. It helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with us on social media as well checkout photos from our travels on Instagram Park. Lydia pod and join in on the conversation in in our facebook group Park Land Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio visits I heart radio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows and as always thank you you for listening.

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