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Three games each on Saturday and Sunday, the playoffs and then the national championship last night, it's just the Warriors in the Pacers Tonight, I will watch, but it's It's a little bit of a letdown. Let's be honest, the Pacers on a Tuesday night That's my former team. I proceed in the NBA at age 21 way back. One is the voice of the Indiana Pacers did in Mali will be watching because he went the other route. That was my old roomie. Seen McDonough Sean McDonough on the call on ESPN radio, and what he was talking about was the Devante Smith touchdown. And he picked up on its his own coverage. His stead will one of the great sports writers in history and actually made the first Jump from being a sports writer tol going on TV? I remember him lecturing Sean tonight, Syracuse years ago. Why do you want to go on TV? Being a writer is much better. Oh, yes, sir. I'll make more in one year they're gonna make in your entire life. And then a few years later, What did Ugo he sided with Bob Costas? Well, let's go down with Bill Parcells. Well, them S so he sold out, but he's a great guy anyway. So that play that was the play. If you don't people wondering, why would you have tough Borland, the linebacker pick up Devante Smith and that that's the play. If you remember when I would drive me crazy when And Robert Salas getting interviewed, you know, And you know, the 40 40 Niners gonna have to pounce if he does get a job, and we'll see rich the meeting another guy and one of my Syracuse buddies. I've been covering the church forever for ESPN, radio and other outlets will find out solid gonna fly tow. Florin Park. I think today an interview tomorrow anyway. It's a cover three, and the Raiders just hired Gus Bradley. In the one flaw that drives me nuts in that defense, and we saw it. Lot, you know, before Fred Warner could got here it can cover that. That kind of route where it was really A just drove me nuts all the time is Reuben Foster, who could not run Could not cover, but that's just the structure of that defense. It's a flaw in the cover three. And if you get caught in the wrong call, and you call the three and they have a three by, you know, side three receivers, the one side one of the other. They number from the outside in so the most inside wide receivers Number three. That's Devante Smith. He runs a deep over out the responsibility that is the weak side linebacker and it's tough Borland and for Borland, that's beyond tough. You can't run. Which Avante Smith. So when you see things like that John and Smith has got the one thing he's got on Jerry Judy is much better hands. Carrie Jody just dropped the ball too much. And I remember last year in a couple of close Krauts against L s U. He dropped the ball and I don't think he had bad hands. I don't know what his problem was in the NFL. He was intimidated about being hit, and they'll hit two Vontae Smith in the NFL. He's way smaller. Then Jerry, Judy and Jerry Judy is really light and not strong enough at all. But when you have Devante Smith is running through the pasture. I mean, just to running for the prairie with a linebacker and trail position. That's an easy one. So when you evaluate all they're talking about Devante Smith shot maybe going Uh, to Miami and number three and put him with two. Uh I mean, that seems really high. I know. The guy won the Heisman. He went off last night when he played half a national championship game. It was Best player on the field. But after seeing Jerry Judy really struggled this year, I would be a little circumspect about that one. Well, you know what it reminds me. Not exactly. But remember, and Desmond Howard was taken and how much he dominated Michigan but he was small, and I think the Redskins took him sixth overall in like 91, or doing something like that, so You have really high and back then I didn't really think about it. But just, you know, like you said, the physicality. Remember, you would know this better night would But when a Mari Cooper came in, wasn't Pacman Jones that first game with the Raiders? And it's just they test you. Yeah, they just test you and Cooper's obviously bigger than him, and he's adjusted. He's fine now, but I just if you don't take a guy with some physicality in this league, you're gonna be in trouble because that's what he's looking for Those big corn, especially in this division, right? I mean, if the other man the whole rushing around Jerry Judy, it wasn't his last game of the year was his second to last game of the year. He got. He didn't want to play. He wanted to run home to Mama. He's got to get strong. He's got to get on the jugs gone. Go in the weight room and don't come out. You run the prettiest routes I've ever seen Your Paul War field. All right, fine. You got to be tougher. And I mean Devante Smith is just so light. You worry about injury. You are good, sir. You are very good. Desmond. Howard went four overall. OK? Four. Okay. Four to the Washington football. Yeah, I remember it and he looked. He had a great career in Michigan. His last year into the Heisman pose all those things I remember returning later. Don't think VP. Yeah. I mean, he had a self improvement Turner. Mainly, mainly, That's right. But he struggled early in his career, because, like you said, he just wasn't big enough strong enough physical enough. Handle. The NFL is dominant as he was in college, and we see it all the time. I like this kid. He's good, But as you said, the design of the offense all the talent around him defensively. Usually, Ohio State has better corners and that Shawn, wait is a guy that people have talked about the first couple rounds. He's not good. Press some once you got to get your hands on Devante Smith. You gonna clean? The problem is, you know that's why these Alabama receivers is running through the prairie because you're so afraid of their speed that if you don't jam them, then they get behind you and Yvonne Dave runs round. She's a great round runner. Great hands. That sideline catch he made was incredible. But at the next level, they're gonna Pacman Jones. Um, you know, it wasn't just remember. Pac man dribbled Amari's head. Remember one point that should've been. He should have been ejected. Today. They'd kick him out of the gun. But it wasn't just that every play. Just he just jumped in his grill and just choked him. The whole game, and I'm a chicken Mari. And even now, there's a Calvin Ridley Scott that label in Atlanta. Julio is different because he's so big. I hate to put labels on athletes because they went to a certain school. You know, like Alabama linebackers. We could go on and on about those guys and just, you know, overall, the position group. But I know one thing about Alabama wide receivers is they do like physicality, with exception of Henry rugs. Did Henry rugs have a great year this year? No, no, he didn't. It's a big place here and there, but not over all the great body of work. But like you said, I mean, there's been a lot coming to the league, and Julio was big and physical, so he's different. But you're right. I mean, it kind of It's not always fair to do that. Okay? These guys went to the school. Here's what they do. But it Z kind of what happens. In fact, Cal quarterbacks we're gonna hit that way until Aaron Rodgers came in, right? Totally. Yeah, So anyway, all right, Logan Murdock's gonna join us coming up. Next two used to be with you guys over at NBC Sports. Very He's now with the ringer, and we got a lot to talk about in terms of The in terms of the the MBA and what's going on in the league now when we talk warriors, But Aziz the league meets again today. What's gonna be going on with the league will talk to Logan about it next, by the way, the pop and lend show sponsored by you, a local 3 93, representing thousands of construction workers and the plumbing My bidding and H B A..

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