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So and that would be a purely private pecuniary financial gain that's the third bucket that professor Dershowitz was describing in the one that is necessarily problematic where he said that that's where there's going to be a problem that's where you would have a crime in a potentially impeachable offense so I think that would be the distinction there that that is one that if all of those facts lined up under professor Dershowitz is categorization of thing this would be the problematic category thank you thank you counsel Mister Chief Justice on being a half of myself and center carton and center van Hollen I have a question for the house managers that I will submit to the death thank you question coming now from the democratic side of the aisle just a moment ago we heard from Patrick Philbin deputy legal counsel for the president next question going off to Chief Justice Roberts on the card here the question from senator clover shark and the other senators question from Democrats club which are justice Roberts's turning the car over looking at it this was from center looks like there's a switch out here going on he just said this is from senator card and I just heard I think this is the latest I think whichever one you want is directed to the house managers up no we don't have the question before us.

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