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A bit of a drug problem insatiable need to be pleased lag guy or you could fall in love with the person that you were paid to flirt with kind of like heather he's on the phone for an awkward tuesday phone call right now she has a friend of a friend who actually paid her fifty bucks to go flirt with her boyfriend to see if this dude would cheat and heather took her up on the offer tried to get him to flirt at a bar they talked for a little while but when she asked him for his phone number he said no because he has a girlfriend so as far as we know the dudes faithful great guy so far but now heather wants to call him and tell him what happened in hopes that he'll break up with his girlfriend and pursue a relationship with heather heather i didn't even ask you how do you even have this guy's phone number question god a friend doesn't like the girlfriend so you got one person on your side right what's the guy's name to hello hello how hey ross i'm good how did you get my number you've got my number from one of my friends oh man of course what.

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