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When you're a muscle shoals studio musician and you played on hundreds and hundreds of exceptional songs become hit I think you get a feel for what's going to be a hit or not? You know what else I learned in there that I did not know before. Because of Peter's affinity for Country Music Dolly Parton was actually their first choice to do the woman's part on. Don't give up I was like. I was so shocked when I saw that on the documentary as well and the story behind this inspiration for the song is just as fascinating you know those old pictures of poor Americans during the depression and stuff they're beautiful pictures that are both sad and powerful in the same way because of the emotion that they captured and it says a lot about Peter's person and about how he cares about people funny how that Song really could apply in a broad sense right now in the world her. People need to hang in there. We know you're listening from all different points on the globe and the situation is different everywhere. But our friends and family here in the US are very concerned. Don't give up we can do this right mark. We get through it in good humor you can, and if we help even just a little bit, we're glad to do that. You know what else about that song that I thought was really fascinating was Tony Levin talking about his quote unquote unconventional string dampening method using his kids diapers to get that bass sound any different things he had like the the deadened bay sound and then he would use the the. FRETLESS. Olympic. Over Tony Levin I love that Man Tony Levin Daniel Landlo-. Monte. Caccia. Favorite parts of the documentary without a doubt because Tony Eleven in his work with King, Crimson some of my favorite in that time period his work on this album is absolutely brilliant. His just one of those musicians that you should learn about when they were doing the record Peter and. Dan decided they needed some different sounds in some different fields. So Larry Klein, and this is my reference to the recording scene in bath England Larry Klein, who at the time was married to my girlfriend Joni. Mitchell was actually doing a session nearby and got word that they might be looking for somebody to do some base work. So he went on. By, to Lasko and brought his wife with him and he laid down, Alana lines on Mercy Street 'cause he also loved poet Anne. sexton. Witches who that's on was four. So that's kind of a cool way to tie together to Larry and Johnny go to the sessions. How is it that Jones? Voice is an added somewhere in there in the layers. Of all the amazing voices, the help the comprise the vocal parts of Peter Gabriel. So she could have been on their offering that a unique sound that she has no wonder why not you know that's a very good question because a good thought to wonder because having somebody like Joni Mitchell right there near studio wall, her husband's land down some slick base. Burns. Up at the house. While you're down in the born bring jody born give me a little something for red. Rain, you know Joni there's no way. Johnny was up at the House having tea when all these musicians ernest studio please she's definitely in the midst of it. All these talking about Peter Gabriel so marcus, it's making me thirsty man I know I'm parts to we definitely spoke a lot about Peter time for a beer on the imbalance history of rock and roll. You know one of the things that I appreciate is anytime I go into crooked eye brewery right there York in Montgomery in the heart of Hafbro always feel good and that includes feeling safe about where we're hanging out you know what I'm talking about Marcus I definitely what you're talking about as during the covert pandemic, it is important that people feel safe when they're going out and about very important and crooked eye has that warm safe five and they're doing everything according to the governor's directions there the they know dance what's in everyone's best interest but they're still serving Markus that's right. Take out your growl or your crowder, your sixteen ounce cans all still there all. The wonderful flavors that you love about crooked eye brewery and don't forget when you stop in to get your take out bruise wear mask absolutely and I think one of the things that Pete and Paul and Jeff and everybody and we're learning to is that it's a constantly changing landscape when it comes to what's going on. So I would urge all of you to follow crooked eye brewery on facebook and you'll find out just what's going on there today tomorrow next week and as things change, Cook it I- brewery right in the heart of hat borough Poran the cure for what ails you since two, thousand fourteen, and we thank them for their support of the podcast. Are you refresh dre I am Marcus and ready to go on part two of our classic album dig on Peter Gabriel's. So here on the PODCAST, I wanNA talk about the songs that are on here just kind of go through them a little bit and the way that they sequence them. I thought it was interesting in the documentary and I guess this was a more common practice that I was aware of what they did because they weren't sure what order to put these songs. They recorded the front and back ends last five ten seconds of each song, and then took the clips in dubbed the monkey sets in all different ways so they could hear what? It is sad going into sledgehammer in ways that didn't end up as the secrets. So they finally go through that I. Guess they must have had a bunch of cassettes by then dad over a hundred did something like one, hundred twenty or something like that how to fuck you keep them straight that's what I'm saying I. Know It's like it's like when you get demo tapes for something you know and you put the ones in the Yep consider that this one will think about and goodbye, and so you have one hundred cassettes and there's like twenty five thirty of them in the middle and there's ten over here and. Over there. Know. Put, look it was the eighties not fully digital technology. That's why the videos that we talked about in the first half of the podcast today or even more amazing when you think about it because they couldn't just l. let's put a Pastel. Watch over them. You know what? I mean. They had actually do it. They settle on this run order and it becomes iconic classic and certainly his most successful album and he seemed very happy about it. He never really cared about commercial success. He just wanted to make the music he wanted to make. So he starts with Red Rain in they're trying to get a specific sound and they can't quite get it all from what they're recording. So who did we get sewer Coppola come in? Do some hi hats But the funny thing is is at the very beginning of the record Peter Gabriel wanted no symbols. No Hi hats and Daniel. Landlo- had the talk him into that because he was like, what are you talking about? You're.

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