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But neither one of us were happy Bruce Awful. And now I think back and I was like all the things that led up to that in our relationship. That never had to happen. And never that never had to happen. And we you know I don't know John, know. What you're saying. I tell people this all the time if I knew. Fifteen years ago. What I know now I don't think I'd be divorced. My divorce was completely preventable. Combat as I think most are yet Louis? you mentioned something a little bit ago. It just about how to add value to people, but I know sometimes and I know for certain. There was a time in my life, and it's like that sounds great John. But how do I do that? The way that I try to help. People is I. Talk About in terms of their pain. Because, I have found this to be true. If you will allow it, you're paying can become your purpose. Yes, the pain of my divorce is how you and I are even having this conversation how I even have this show today. Truly, that's what it is so. In essence what I'm telling listeners, and by proxy myself that is. An always remember listeners anytime that I'm saying something to you. It's like pointing a finger at somebody. Always remember as one pointing at you, but there's three pointing back at me, so yeah, yeah, that's important to remember. Having said that. When you think about what's going on your life in areas that you want to change, that's probably a pain point. Pay attention to that, but don't stay there. Don't leave it there. Redeem your pain. Because it is redeemable, there is a way through it. I will never tell you there's a way to go around it over it or under it. I can't think of a scenario where you don't go through it because you're changed in the process, and isn't that the goal in order for me to become the person I was created to be in for you to become the person you were created to be. There are some crap. We gotta go through now. Some of it is our fault. We did it to ourselves, but that doesn't mean that isn't GonNa? Get us where we need to be where we need to be. We don't. It's not a straight line there. It's a big squiggly all over the place down backwards upsides, and eventually we get there. But we're better hopefully when we get there because we've learned a ton along the way, which is why I'm here with all of you today, which is why I bring on fabulous guests like Marissa to be able to share what she's experienced what she's doing now to be able to help people to be able to help you get to that point. That's why we're doing it. Part of me bringing value to all of you because I care. If I didn't care. I would not do this..

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