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Radio up. We are talking about how to avoid missteps in your retirement. This is the difference between a good retirement and a great retirement or stepping on all those missteps and thinking the world's against you kids. Get off my lawn. We don't have to do that it can be the golden years. So when you're talking about your retirement you have to. Think through diversification you have to think through three world, you have to think through cash flow, you have to think through all these things. Sometimes those words alone are the misstep sometimes it just doesn't make sense. And so when we're getting into where we're going you really have to think through in my going in the right direction for me. Yeah. And where all the things that you just talked about diversification. Three worlds money cash flow. What they all hinge on is what your personal investment philosophy. Every one of us has one. It's what we feel about money. It's how we feel about how it should work. Whether we wanted to grow whether we are comfortable with it, losing money or more importantly, I don't want to lose a single dime. So that's that's where it starts is. How do you feel about your own investment philosophy? That's right. And when you're talking about investment, philosophies, you need to have you know, you need to know what your broker what your agents philosophy is. You're going to learn that with the GPS system here at Euclid on. I'm a firm believer in that you should point blank ask whoever you're sitting with what their investment philosophy now for us here. At Euclid financial services are investment philosophy is a straightforward as it can be our job is to protect preserve and prolong your assets for yourself and your heirs. And so if you have a similar thought process to that. Then you definitely have to sit down with us and talk about our philosophy and yours and how they actually matched together. Many. I'm glad you brought that up. It's amazing effect when you see another well baby boomer somebody and you say to them. Hey, what's your investment philosophy? And it's almost like you just read them worm peace. How do you get them to breathe again and say, well, do you do you like losing money? Do you do you think? The stock market's scary. Do you do you like savings checking do you like Christmas.

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