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Here. We love having fun. Yeah. Yeah. I love toys. What you like to be my new toy? And toys. All right. Rumor time. All right. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bel Air club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. Cornet Dave Meltzer, Triple H had a meeting with NHD talent last week to tell them I'm back. Okay. It is back. He didn't specify on what that meant, but Meltzer says Triple H is back with more power than when he left. What? That's usually what happens when people leave. So is he going to injury and then come back? Well, okay. Welcome to NXT one. Cross your fucking fingers. Yeah. Maybe that show could be watchable again. You know, Josh was a Josh that actually had a good tweet maybe. Someone was like, oh, so they posted this story and they're like, oh, does this mean you're going to do NXT again? And I think Josh said, if Triple H comes out and fucking pedigrees, Wendy Chu, then you set that on the podcast. Oh, you did? Yes. So Andrew had this funny take. Yes. Believe it was Andrew. Yeah. He's got a pedigree windy chew and be like, you'll never see her again. I'm back. Yeah. Also, fight for reports that Ricky the dragon steamboat was open to wrestling Ric Flair at Ric Flair's last match. But his asking price was extremely high in a deal could not be reached. Last last match. He probably told him like a $1 billion. I don't want to do it. Right. Oh my God. Is he fighting now? We still don't know. There's rumors that could be Jay lethal. Because Jeff Jarrett was on his press conference, right? Yeah. Well, I think Jeff Jarrett apparently he's been training with Jay lethal. He has, but now Jay lethal was supposed to be on Ric Flair's podcast and he no showed and Ric Flair made a big deal about it. So, you know, he's working on the podcast. It seems like they're setting up that feud through a podcast. And done before. Anything else? I didn't have any rumors. All right, trivia time. Yeah. All right guys, I have one question. Maybe you should worked it. Now, first I want to say it. All right. Who is the first superstar to have done all of these things? Beat mister money in the bank, Royal Rumble winner, king of the ring and win the Elimination Chamber. Edge. I believe Andrew. Yep. That is correct. Thank you very much. I win. Correct. Hey, you won the last few weeks. Yeah, I felt bad for you. Last week you lost. Oh, yeah. Well, that was technicality. I don't know. Take a look. Let's do another one just because it was fast and money. Saturday. That's what she said. Yeah. Who's my bank is Saturday? Oh, it was fast. Let's do another one. We'll just sucking your dick. By the way, money in the bank is this Saturday. So who has held their money in the bank briefcase the longest? Carmela, I've talked about this correct. Who is second? Edge. It's not edge. Yeah, stupid. Idiot. Who is it then? Three. Shut up. He's not counting out. This is not your trivia fuck off. It's kind of obvious if you think about it. Mister 'cause he never cashed in. He's still has it. That's your answer. Hold on. There's the music's playing. It hasn't stopped yet, so I have a while. Wait, you're not guessing Eric, 'cause you already guessed. You already guessed it's not allowed. I just said that. Oh, Seth, Seth is right. Eric, you want a little just to get a little ego rub. You know who's third? Edge. No. Oh my God. Edged one at WrestleMania didn't cash it into January, the following year. Now, when did he no, it wasn't that long. I think it was like around Survivor Series time. But it doesn't matter. It was a Dolph, Dolph was 270 days. He held his. I think that he made it a big deal. He was like always carrying it around. I think that information is wrong. Eric, it's questioning the validity. No, edge one a WrestleMania and then cashed it in the following January. 60 days. You know what I mean? Okay. Was it that at after Elimination Chamber? Like a December pay per view? No, it was a January new year's revolution. Oh, okay. So it was like early January. Yeah. All right, fan questions, as Eric looks that up. Jake baker, I know you're doing predictions, but who do you want to win? Not who do you think will win? I guess the money in the bank. 280 days. That's just the Internet. Sky Sports. Who's that? Who are those fucking bum? Who are you? I doubt this Instagram account, who's your source, yeah. Anyways, if we see your source? I don't know. Pedro Russell's edge is correct. I'm going to go with your source. It's probably better than that. Yeah, this is suck it. You still lost though. Yeah. The Seth was still longer, right? No, Seth was third. Oh my God. So I did win. I think that's right now. The game's over Eric. Game's over. Patriots kept all their rings. Sorry. That's true. Who do we want to win? I mean, obviously we want live to fucking win, but if Becky and Seth both win it and they show it at the rumble. If they both win the money in the bank briefcases and then they show up on raw two nights later and they come out together. That would be pretty cool. That's bottom left with their briefcases. Brian, would you rather lose two inches off your cock or two feet off your heights? Obviously cock. I honestly make things a lot easier. 9 inches is a lot easier to manage, I think. Oh, I think it's a two feet off my cock 'cause going down to a foot would be bright. It's easier. Only four feet tall. My God. It's not the horrible. I've been four feet tall, and not great. It's not great. Louis Vasquez, hey, I'm just wondering if Eric and Joe saw the ten star extravaganza forbidden door. And what did they think about it? I'm gonna guess that they didn't see it because why would you? I watched highlights 'cause it's.

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