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Make no mistake. He takes his Turk seriously. Cheapest insurance is the safe, Quiet field, a theory he's put into practice as he reaches his 55th Super Bowl, his first Super Bowl in 1967 at the Los Angeles Coliseum, his legendary field status, earning him the title of Sod God and meeting some halftime celebrities along the way, the likes of Paul McCartney and many others. His favorite lady Gaga was warned the best. So I say to NBC's with Johnson reporting. The search is on in Chick a pee for a missing boy 11 year old Aiden Blanchard last seen around noon yesterday near a boat ramp. Near Media Street along the chicken Be River, Massachusetts state police searching with an air wing, a drone and underwater unit and a canine team. Police in Chick a Pee and fire boats are also searching, and anyone with any information urged to call police. In chicken feet. And the search continues in the disappearance of two California toddlers and now they're adopted. Family is speaking out, denying accusations that they harmed those Children. Here's NBC's Ornshaw family of the adoptive father of two California City brothers who vanished four year old Orrin and three year old Orson speaking to ABC exclusively. I just know that they were really good parents as far as I was that served the family now saying they're being targeted by members of the public showing up outside their home. Not to support them, but to accuse them. They adopted the boys in 2019 the parents, saying they last saw them in their backyard late December before they vanished, its officials confirming they suspect foul play in the boy's disappearance, but have not named any suspects or persons of interest. Thus far, a New Hampshire man who admitted storming the U. S Capitol last month and Chugging back a bottle of wine. He found that a lawmaker's office now facing federal charges, according to a federal complaint, which was filed on Friday. Jason Riddle Facing several charges, including violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and theft of government property. Riddle tells the King Sentinel newspaper he was unaware of the charges and says he'll turn himself in when contacted by law enforcement. The Wyoming Republican Party voting overwhelmingly to censure Congresswoman Liz Cheney for voting to impeach President Trump for his role in that January 6th riot at the Capitol. To Jim King is a professor of political science at the University of Wyoming. Outlining what this could mean for Cheney's future. This is a vote, and it certainly is riled the activists in the Republican Party, but I'm not sure that their displeasure will Continue on to the rest of the electorate. The center document accuses Cheney of voting to impeach even though the U. S House did not offer former President Trump a formal hearing or Due process, a Massachusetts lawmaker filing legislation to officially declare a state dinosaur WBC sherry Small tells us how thousands took part in the process. Massachusetts State representative Jack Lewis of Framingham was just trying to come up with a creative activity for his son's Cub Scout's den, something the kids could really get excited about well to spur their interest in paleontology. He settled on the dinosaurs and fossils project he been combined that with his work is a state long Maker and teamed up with the Museum of Science. With that it gained traction, the public invited to vote on social media to pick which dinosaur would represent Massachusetts and with more than 35,000 votes cast. The people have spoken. The winner is but Oka Saurus Holyoke insists, which means swift footed lizard of Holyoke first discovered near Mount Holyoke in 1910. The state dinosaur legislation has been filed in both the State House and Senate. Sherry Small WBZ Boston sneeze rate. You have family and friends of an FBI special agent shot dead in the line of duty along with a colleague this week, gathering yesterday in Florida for an emotional memorial service in her honor on emotional Memorial for special Agent Lord Schwarzenberger at Hard Rock Stadium. 43 year old wife and mother of two was fatally shot executing a federal search warrant for suspected child pornography. A true protector of those she loved.

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