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He was a catcher in the rangers were really good if you look at your on baseball reference towards the end they'll show mvp voting i don't jeeter top five that year i if it wasn't going to be pedro that year because they sometimes don't want to give it to a starting pitcher which is ridiculous it's starting pitcher has every right to win the mvp but jeeter i think was top five that year i mean look derek jeter who would you compare them to as a basketball player again maybe it is good as colby bryant kobe bryant did win an mvp and you can make a case that kobe bryant and some of those years that he was playing was the best player in basketball certainly is the best player on his team want shack left dare cater finished six by the way that you that's crazy crazy pedro roberto alamar manny raphael palmeiro jeeter nomar i also think one hundred sixty five rbi that year with cleveland and again that was at the height of the steroid era people were just putting one hundred sixty five won mvp that year with thirty five home runs a hundred and thirteen rbi and he hit for thirty kids yeah and he's catcher one hundred nine nine hits yeah which is he played almost every game so i mean that's a pretty good group of players right ninety nine that was really the height of the steroid arizo everybody's numbers were inflated that's the all star game that pedro martinez started in fenway quack and you remember he struck out five of the first six batters so there was just a ton of talent in baseball at that point putting up telephone finished that year with a two point oh seven year in in two hundred thirteen innings pitched and he struck out three hundred thirteen incredible batters twenty three wins four losses and how many walks thirtyseven that's insane that's like a nine to one strikeouttowalk ratio like two to one is good three to one's real good and anything like that is just absurd three to one's good not so good to one these things is the one that's pretty good yeah curt schilling in his prime with do stuff like that too but derrick jeeter i mean if you can make a case if he was never the best player in his team would you make a case that bernie williams was better they were somewhat similar i thought you had to go to defense right who was the more guy will defensive player on those teams both key positions i think geeta was always overrated as a defensive shortstop he wasn't as good as alex rodriguez defensive toward style and he wasn't as good as some other shortstop nomar him on defense think geeta was more consistent but no mark could make more spectacular plays early in his career maybe had more range stronger arm but but i think that geeta was more steroids right i'm assuming he did you straight but i think he was broke down at some point is he had years that were incredible here visiting three seventy two one year three sixty something another year he was being compared to joe dimaggio was a hitter that's that's about as high as you can go yeah those yankee teams those yankees teams did they weren't necessarily just built on scars they they were just so deep so thinking about if is ever the best player on any of those yankees teams once alex rodriguez got their conversations over so let's thousand four on between ninety six and three sheffield was there for a couple of years ships when he came out some when he came in with ninety six ninety six williams was debate between i guess make oneseason jeeter is better right.

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