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Force them ready to get some i wonder if the move if you if you're smitten with marco silva uh maybe just like with leicester city you know they kept shakespeare on uh just maybe keep unsworth on unless you're seeing the relegation is truly a thing that could happen which i i do believe eventually everton will get this sorted enough that it they're not going to get relegated and then at the end of the year then you really go all i can understand marco silva not wanting to leave now but during the end of the year when he's got an offseason to come to everton and and build his plan then maybe he'd be more willing to do it but given the nature of the ownership at wofford who'd home like managers for much longer than a year and seemed to be fairly triggerhappy may be you know evidence a bigger club sorry wofford so maybe that might enticing thus saturday also ten am leicester city man city the nhl cup as it's being dubbed by me i was gonna go with the paul dickov cope oh also a retro one yeah uh let's see and another one saturday ten am liverpool south hampton the the alana line love rin van dyke lay the sagging but they have essentially been a feeder club for liverpool for for years now all right okay yeah we've bought a lot of players off them how's it working lambert that's true selves and other one briefly how's it working out though he goes a a yeah i i do believe though that done thannual klein is out uh he will not be a part of this one um so cubbies himself some abuse from the says i'm defence that's probably true and let's see saturday 1230 uh manchester united and newcastle that's a tasty one yeah it is rafah versus josie.

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