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Ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. The president says he is glad to Russia investigation is over. I'm Beth Myers in the News Radio one thousand O. Okay. New center. President Trump says the Russia investigation and did exactly the way it should have speaking at the White House today. Trump said the investigation was fueled. By a lot of bad people who fueled a false narrative special counsel, Robert Muller found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between Trump's two thousand sixteen presidential campaign and Russia and Oklahoma congressman Kevin Hearn calls. This special counsel's report, a massive waste of time and money, he says many of his colleagues need to apologize for what he calls their hateful and baseless accusations against the president. Congressman Tom Cole says he hopes Democrats will finally accept the truth and turn their attention and energy toward working on more important issues for the American people Muskogee assistant fire marshal, Scott crow. Says a man and a woman escaped in early morning house fire early Sunday, but their two sons did not the two sons that were in the house were in fact side of the home on the second floor unfortunate could not get out and they both passed. Lost in due to the house fire family members identify the victims as fifteen year old Edgar Cruz and thirty two year old Sergio Alcazar, their father was severely burned. And the mother was injured when she jumped out of a second story window. They were both taken to hospitals. Crow says he believes the fire was accidental but the exact cause is not known yet. The house was a total loss a Huska high school student was taken into police custody this morning after making a threat against the high school. Police will only say the threat included great bodily harm. It was reportedly apparent of the fourteen year old student who contacted authorities and a man was found shot to death Saturday internally and Tulsa county. The Tulsa county sheriff's office says forty three year old Bryant Hampton was likely killed somewhere else. And then his body dumped next to some bags of trash. They're looking for a two thousand seventeen white four door Chevy Cruz with a paper enterprise car. Sales tag on the back in connection with the shooting and a move to help better protect doctors medical students and even physician assistants as we hear from K T O as Calvin right? A person convicted of assaulting a medical care provider in Oklahoma would be guilty of a misdemeanor. This under a state Senate Bill approved today in a house committee bans, assault and battery to all medical providers. Representative Marcus McIntyre of Dunkin's says a conviction would carry a sentence of up to one year in prison. A man who was camping at Tom Steed lake northeast of Altus drowned early Saturday, some people at a campsite at rocky shores found the body of thirty six year old Robert Burkett of McComb in the water. He was not wearing a life jacket. Saturday's Powerball drawing had no winner bringing the jackpot to an estimated seven hundred fifty million dollars..

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