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We interviewed my friend. Nadia Nibs, a Minneapolis educator tune into that episode on Apple Podcasts, spotify soundcloud and audio boom. We WanNA think Nadia once again for giving us her on the ground perspective straight for Minneapolis. Especially since so many of our listeners are based in the southwest or New York. Chicago even we don't have a ton necessarily of first hand information about what's going on in Minneapolis, so we are really happy had not yet on, pod we have even more incredible interviews coming up, so I hope you're all excited. Yes, we have a lineup for y'all we are back to our regular Saturday recording schedule, so we're hoping to be more consistent with the podcast. I'm releasing of episodes as you all know, we're in a global pandemic, and we're still bringing you the content and we're really excited to have a guest for the second half of this episode yeah. But content really never stops especially. Now I, mean it was one thing to create content digitally when we were in quarantine under the covid nineteen pandemic, but now we're our country is essentially I feel like in the early stages of revolution and civil war, so there's really a lot to talk about A. we're going to get into all of those things today, but still ma. How have you been I? Know that you've been at couple of demonstrations in La in the downtown area. So can you talk to us about what you've seen to your first hand experience? Yeah I mean the part of the city of La that I live in. I feel like a lot of demonstrations are going on around me, and there have been protests from West Hollywood to Santa. Monica downtown La. Even protests in Burbank there have been protests in the San Gabriel Valley. In in Van Nuys all over and something that's really important to mention. Is that black lives matter? La has been hosting a weekly protests in front of I. Think in front of the LAPD headquarters. To protest the District Attorney Jackie Lacey who has been RDA or some years now and under Jockey Lacey's leadership. There have been something like six hundred police. MURDERS LAPD murders of civilians in La County and none of them have been prosecuted. Me Myself, when I was working at peace over violence as a case manager, and represses counselor I saw so many horrific cases turned down by Jackie. Lacey's by the DA's office, and just over and over and over again just really horrific cases of police officers who were domestic abusers who were rapist who had child pornography on their computers that had been reported to hire ups. You know really horrific crimes that the DA's office continuously just rejected and decided not to I'll cases on so that's one thing to keep in mind like black lives matter. Los Angeles has been out here protesting on a regular basis for years and really building. The People Power and we're at a point now. Where everyone is out so on last week I went to I went downtown the day after one of the first kind of all day all night protests, and just to check out the downtown area. Spring Street in Broadway and see what everything looks like. And of course there's been so much media attention on the looting by the honest truth. Is that the quote? Unquote looting is so minimal and superficial I. Mean we're talking about broken glass and prove easy. You know like. Of course there have been building that have burned down, but the thing that's wild to me is seeing journalists. Like say at the forefront of their reporting while the looters only represent a small. Of people who are out on the streets, the majority of protests are peaceful, and yet the majority of the coverage is on the looting right, even though our our journalists acknowledged that it's a small percentage of what's going on, but so I went downtown, and then on Sunday on Monday of this week I went out and I went downtown I went to City Hall. There was a small, but growing protests there that eventually moved to the front of the LAPD headquarters, and it was wild, as the National Guard is in town, and so their tanks are everywhere. I've seen their changed since Santa Monica. I've seen their tanks over here by where I live like in the mid city area, and their tanks are all over downtown, and on Monday I saw that LAPD and the National Guard had released surrounded the entire area. All of the side streets, any of the outlets anywhere near city. Hall or LAPD Headquarters, and since we've been on curfew in La basically for the past week, the ACLU and and different folks sued the city. City of La at this point so far said he had to like undo the curfew and revoke it, but there was a period of time there were there were texting is like all day moving up the curfew like hour by hour. From eight PM to sixty am to four PM. In some parts of La, the curfew was one pm like on the west side, so what I saw was on my phone, getting all these different deadlines for curfew, being moved up, and at the same time, the National Guard, and the LAPD surrounding your the LAPD headquarters and sure enough when when protesters I left early when I saw that shit going on, I left. and. So clearly were waiting to trap protesters to arrest. And they came out with all the ZIP ties around their ways, and it was just crazy, so that was on Monday and then went out yesterday again and I went to a march that pass by pershing square and I think that one was a little bit more calm on on the side of the police on the side of law enforcement, there were national guards. All plays really weird to hear them. Say like have a nice day and be safe out there and I'm like you're the only one holding like an assault rifle off. Why are you telling me to be safe when you're holding? I can't take assault rifles like you brought these guns into downtown and they weren't here before. I mean of course, there's ends in downtown, but not like. Just out on the street. You know so. It's been wild planning to go to Hollywood tomorrow. There's another action. And just a cab, and just like to say I've been going out because I. Have I live alone. In my apartment I can come and self isolate, because the pandemic is still going on like all the protesters. Everyone who's out, there is like we're putting ourselves at a certain amount of rhys, because Kobe is still highly contagious and out there. Yeah Yeah I wanted to share Just as you were talking I wanted to share that the police chief of LAPD I'm. News but if you'RE NOT IN LA. Maybe you didn't hear this. Maybe you did by Michael Moore. The police chief of LAPD said that the looters also have George Floyd's blood on their hands, so they're just as responsible for the police that murdered George Floyd and naturally this caused in outpour of criticism, and he had to backtrack and apologize say that he misspoke, but he already stated his comment. We know how he really feels. And so that's just one little pocket or one little example of what's been happening in La with our. City officials and.

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