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Is it working right now. Man you listen to what what. What what's your name trusting pre oppressor. But i'm saying this right now and i. I do whatever it takes to take my daughter man. So don't you worry about my my job security and what i'm doing okay wh- thank you. Can i just when just come by whenever you get paid next task so i can pick up. Know the child's man. You need to come by no way. I tell you what you bring your around. You've come did you. Directions right now you bring your own over here. 'cause i wanna see yellow columi- damn talking about my damn daughter. I mean we're looking at for the well being of the baby man. That's what you think. I've been doing ever since she came in the world. That's what i've been doing. Ever since she got here then looking out for her well-being in some come getting pitchy won't tell me about my daughter will do quite well whereas you're three months behind man that affect i do everything i can for my daughter so for you to sit up here and call me talking about three months behind. I don't even keep up with that. I sent money. When i can't i am for my daughter i do for my daughter i do for myself so thank god that you're saying that mean i ain't got it at all but give me a second and i'll go but don't be calling me about my daughter and talking about them through behind. Okay well look i i. You know. I ain't working right now so we really need to go get the money on. Hold on hold on hold on. You ain't working. But i might you call me by some money but you land up with to get out and do what the hell i'm doing. That's what i can't understand it to you but it's one that me and you wanna come to meet with i. I was going to handle this situation back being behind on this. you know. there's little child for the situation. That's what i'm saying. I need you to going on and give me a dayton and when we can expect a pain okay. I'm giving you a date right now. Bring your over here right now and pick up the pain. I got it for you right now. You just tell me what kind of car you drive. So i know 'cause i i wanna i wanna bust the pull up in my driveway by mistake. I do everything for my daughter. My daughter don't have no one on the lease put shoes on. Feet cuddles on her back some good enough some guy do everything for. I don't need you at my daughter. don't need you it. I pick up at school with every day and take her to her grandmother. How so you're here by two or three months behind qassim with that. I see if i were three months. And she would i. That's another thing With me and i talked about. We're not gonna need you to be taken from the school. no. I'm getting it from the school. I wish i would catch up in my daughter's school picking up my daughter me. I don't even know who you are a told you. My name is preston but no president. I'm telling you what i want. You know what my daughter that. I'm going to talk to. I know 'cause. I want you know where my daughter man you understand me. I don't you know vast me and my daughter man. If i came in new my daughter. I'm a whoopie. i'm letting my daughter. No it's in. The baby is getting the loan fan. Man what i'm saying. We just need you to send money man you doing. Yeah i'm glad out doing good because she anyway but don't put my daughter in the middle of the may man. I'm just happened to be in between. That's all man but you need to get out and look in between she and go find you. Somethin' find you a man who is sitting up there probably on the couch. Eating pol pot toss. I've only had two of them. Pop tarts man. That's a you won't be having none of them. 'cause i bought that for my daughter man and i appreciate you eastern on it so you need to get off feed themselves like i do. I feed myself and my daughter and probably deal. I wanna talk to you about our child man. I would south chow. That's my and i'm taking the million do. Hey don't you say that man ever say that to me man. That is not child man. My child let me tell you something. Kids don't put you into the phone real close man. I'm my job. I'll tell me what do you ain't been here the whole time. He tried to walk up in here and talk about our. I'm her daddy man. I'm just trying to be a good stuff automated and get the child. The i've got to get married. I you ain't no saying that. Say i'm gonna talk to been held. I get on hold on hold whole nine. You don't talk. You know you understand what i'm saying you talk to me. You're dealing with me. I tell i was going to going going to make me not like i tell you know i went to. We got a child together. You just gotten to call talking apple you talk to me from now. You talked a preston. I'm deal with trust me. Let me tell you something. You don't call you deal with me. Do you understand what i'm telling them. Not dealing with a you only thing. I'm gonna deal. Which was my foot up. Bill de with you. I've got one more thing. I need to say human. How wanna hear nothing else. You've got to say play everything you had to say. Let me tell you something you want to up. We have right now. I put you with the man in charge. God get you a job about it. Won't work with you man. I don't attitude. You need to work with somebody because you ain't nobody right now. I got one more thing i need to say. You listening may say hey. You got to say that his nephew. Tommy from the steve harvey morning. Say man. I don't care who bound play about my daughter man so his nephew. Tommy from the steve harvey morning show. You just got pranked by. You'll cousin.

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