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Now, here's your host Redbook Millan at sea. It's one for Dustin and the Schutte audience says, yes, I'm gonna yesterday audience. So far, it's a majority. Yes. All right. Hey, welcome to glad you guys were this. Well, he didn't get to Kyle to recommend so Kyle and backed Dustin gets his let's see third win of the year eighth win at Bristol fifty fourth win of his career which does tie him with Lee petty for tenth on the all time list. And by the way, what does he turned thirty four in? May let me start something. He's got what two of three or two hundred four wins. So he's had a Richard petty. Oh, wait a minute. Did I say that? Romburg come on. I mean. Yeah. And the guy's gonna dry for probably another ten years. I mean, what he does is you know, and by the way, he got wrecked on the second lap of the race. And by the way, the series now heads to Richmond where he Spanish in the top ten twenty out of twenty seven times. So and he's and he's and he's got I think he's finishing the top five light sixty three percent of the time. So he's coming headed to now one of his best tracks and a place that he swept at swept both races last year. So it's the season of Kyle guy. So he's not on your fantasy team your fault. Do we just hand them the Cup now? Or is it still a big? Early too early. But Louis it's still one more week of the the Pinski and Gibbs domination for this season. Well, like, I said he got a big three going. I mean that they had to make the big too. But I mean Keselowski an Lugano have wins. They can afford to do crazy stuff to you know, this Kyle's been very strong this year. But the Cheviot catch up I'm waiting for somebody step up. I mean as you noted I first eight races. It's been Joe Gibbs racing Team Penske those two teams are combined to win to lead more than seventy percent of the laps this season as ridiculous. And it's I mean, it's ridiculous stabbings and great for them. But it's like, you know, who's going to step up to the plate. You know, who's who's gonna make a move? You know, we're waiting on. We're waiting on Stewart Haas racing. We're waiting on Hendrick motorsports. You know as anybody else going to step up. What about Chip Ganassi racing? Certainly was Kurt Busch. I think has been the top finishing Chevrolet three times this season. So I guess that means he's the top. Chevy team. You know, I, you know, who who's going to challenge. Joe Gibbs racing Team Penske at this point. And I think that's going to be the interesting thing or the next few weeks as a as a sport, you know, goes to Richmond. Talladega. You know, it'd be interesting when they get back to Kansas now, get back to a mile and a half of the mile and a half month of may with Kansas and Charlotte, and I think you'll get a better idea where team stack up at that point because I've had some time to work on these cars. But yeah, it's like, hey, you know, as anybody wanna anybody wanna anybody stand up to these guys in so far, you know, we've seen a few battles. But nothing sustain well. Kyle Busch talk about Louis all the guy. Does it seems like all he does is win..

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