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I mean the nostalgia that people have on a place. Like jack's joke shop and on the other end of the less wholesome scale. I mean there's an ad for the naked eye and that will bring certain people certain calmness with a lot of these combat zone places that were pretty shady back then but view. You're in your twenties and you're going to the naked ivan. Maybe that'll bring you back to so i don't. I tend not to try and discriminate an and get too high and mighty because it all makes up with austin is and that's really what these books are all about the other thing too. The one thing. I'll kind of close with is that they're not in any order. So it is meant to be the stream of consciousness but i very purposely put indexes in both so that if you do kind of go back to it and you're talking to a friend or you're talking to tom rushing like oh my god. How am i supposed to know where this stupid ad was. Then bam go right to the index. Oh here it is and You know so so so at least for those kind of more academic minded nerd types that there is an index. And if you remember your did i. Is this the book. That i saw the stupid ad. Am i going crazy. Then you can say oh. Yep there's that. Wsh add must learn a lot from bieber because man. He's got a museum full of stuff and probably knows where everything is. Yeah i mean. David is one of my favorite people on the planet and because a lot of the people that i The thing too is just to be clear that these books i am. It's like i get by with a lot of help from my friends. I i don't own a lot of this stuff myself. So what i do. Is i borrow scan in return. And so people like david bieber in k. Born the late great who just passed away. The mentioned It's it was an amazing pleasure and honor for me to have that. If i have a question about a place Venue or a person or an artist that i can pick up the phone. And i can just ask someone who's actually. They just talked to someone last week. Who i've been getting notice guy. Dj eddie in charleston and. He told me that he was at the james brown. Show in april nineteen sixty eight. The famous james brown show they broadcast on w. g. b. h. And famously hardly anyone was there because they were trying to get people to stay inside but he was there so now. If i ever have a question about that show call a betty be and asking. That's that's the beauty of all. This people have been very generous with me with their knowledge and their materials and mike. My goal is just to kind of present it in a way that gives them credit and is respectful. And you know it's it's a celebration of our our crazy little town you best idea for folks if they really wanna dig into more this. I know they do is to visit by me. Boston dot com. B u y by me boston dot com for details on the books out of order them of course they are available through amazon..

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