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Shots not as fog anymore. That's pretty yeah right. There looks right there. Yeah that's new york. His speaking of pretty. If you're cardinals. Fan the most discussed now back on the marco had the last name what. What but this morning might be watt. What as in what. J. j. watt to the cardinals. Thirty one million dollars over two years twenty-three mill guaranteed and that is the biggest story in the nfl this morning before we jump into it fellas. How's everything going keyshawn. Jalen zubin presented by progressive insurance. It's good. I went to bed too early last night though. What's too early to probably was in a beer. Probably around eight thirty when you normally go to bed. I'm probably going to be around eleven. Ten eleven ten eleven. You get about five hours a night. Man i've been not so. That's what i do but i sleep all day too so i went to bed too early. I was up at one. Am so i've been up since one am. Zubin met a fan of yours yesterday. Who went to rutgers hospital in order to get my leg check out. My graph graph my left leg and my doctor literally was like man keyshawn. He's never wrong. He's never wrong. I feel like zubin always ties it all together. He's he's a great. And i was like look at that rutgers sticking up for rutgers i love that jersey pride. We'll take plenty of pride here for the cardinals because key. This was one of those where i think a lot of people are expecting like you said buffalo cleveland teams that appear to be near the super bowl a guy that could maybe get them over the top but you think the signing of arizona and by the way i gotta give. Jj watt credit because anyone controlling the process. He announced his release. He announced his signing. But you think the signing with this particular team actually means the market for jj which everybody thought was white hart or red hot. I got in the desert with the red sea. Maybe the market wasn't as flush with teams as we may have. Well you gotta think about these things though right when you hear the report first off. Everybody wants to sign. Jj what oh. My god yes at. What price though right buffalo was all any but brandon beane. General manager of the buffalo bills was not going to spend thirty one million dollars with twenty three of a guarantee which essentially for the arizona. Cardinals is a one year deal at twenty three million dollars but they were not going to do that. So when you start to look at it you say well what was green bay the green bay where they really interested or do we try and tie it together. Because he's from the region or because shack barrett in the tampa bay buccaneers or going to be negotiating a long term deal and he may prices self. Ottawa tampa is willing to spend based on their finances in their cap issues in all the other guys that they want to sign so let's pill salim in tampa and so when you start to look at it's like okay with arizona. Why would you go to arizona because if it was about winning that championship arizona's not quite there yet. They've got a lot of proving to do. I was on the espn affiliate out in arizona. Yesterday we gamble and his crew and we were talking about the signing of jj watt and where arizona was at and how far they're away and when you think about yes defensively. The heat certainly gives them what they can use as a pass rusher. They went out and got to real suggs. Who was a little bit older. Obviously and at the end of his career he didn't get much out of that. But you got challenged jones on the other side and this could potentially form a tandem as two of the better pass. Rushers that we've seen in the national football league as a ten you'd think about guys like von miller and demarcus ware or you think about the white free in mathis when they were indianapolis so i could go on and on and on with a list of guys in that in that. Play the defensive side of the ball in pasha specialists but in the end to your question. How many real suitors were out there for. Jj watt that s me. Pick my key. He got twenty three million guaranteed. Yeah it's about. It's definitely about the money and here's what. I laughed at this when i saw the other day. Because word had a tweet that came out. And i read the tweet t aqui because this goes into your cute collar. Murray conversation that we've been having all year long right there. Let's you know that. Jj watt in my opinion. Sanford and money. Which i'm not mad about. Get your money money money but you know i thought he was chasing the ring. Well you know. Sometimes that narrative can be spun to to try to make it look like yeah well. It's about the bigger picture when we know it's really not right so edwards says i was told. Jj watt first criteria in choosing his team would be the quality of the quarterback so this seems to be an endorsement of k. One column kinda murray's great assistant jay. Great i i know i understand but i thought if you're trying to win the super bowl if this is an endorsement of the quarterback. Tom brady aaron rodgers. Josh allen but it lets you know that the market wasn't like that it proves your point that this was about the money and i'm glad it worked out and he wants to change us into a -dorsements calorie uri awesome. But that's still in a pretty hard division and there's still a long way for this team to go look. They want eight games last year and they were game away from potentially getting to the playoffs at the end of the season. What i would say is when you mentioned those other quarterbacks you gotta look at the defense side of the ball. Buffalo is willing to give him. I have no idea. I don't know if eating talk to tampa or talk to green bay. I have no idea at all. But i could probably bet that those numbers were not even close and what arizona was willing to do. This is a make or break year for cliff. Kingsbury in desert. Let's be honest with ourselves. Right steve wilks got fired. After two wins cliff kingsbury one. Five one eight. He needs to take another giant step. He can't go backwards and b. six and ten. He can't be a seven and nine he can't be eight. He's gotta take a giant step. Which means that. They're pushing all their chips to the middle of the middle of the deck in this is also a pivotal year for kyle. Murray murray gotta show that he's willing to take the next step in the national football league. It's so what you make a pro bowl. Everybody makes pro bowls this day and age. You win eight games you within a system that you've been running since high school. We all understand. And now it's consistently beating the san francisco. Forty nine is the los angeles rams in the seattle seahawks to take over that division in if they could take that next step by adding jj watt to it then they win and if not. It's a one year deal at twenty three million because a new coaching staff. That comes in their next year will certainly part ways with. Jj watt and wanna bring in in it all over the way that they want to plus. It's the year where there's a cardinals will have to make a decision. After the season on picking up the fifth year option of kyla. Mary so you got all those sorts of little. Subplots says going on in the desert. We're asking this morning. Jj watt signing with the cardinals is fill in the blank time during the week. But it's as simple as that. Jj signing with the cardinals is fill in the blank. Gives us the word. Tell us why eighty eight say. Espn eight eight.

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