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How dictatorships come to power how dictators takeover democracy, great article in Forbes from February twenty thirteen by Jim Powell? Where he talks about how Hitler came to power and the free things that Hitler offered. Did you know that after World War One did you know that Germany enrollment in the university soared by nineteen thirty one in Germany one hundred twenty thousand versus a maximum of seven seventy three thousand students before the war full scholarships by Hitler. Well, he wasn't in power yet. But Germany, the socialist Germany in the Ymer Republic offered full scholarships for poor students with ability. Now, that's an interesting thing. Poor students with ability here in America, we offer poor student scholarships. Whether they have ability or not, and then we put him into Harvard. And then when they can't keep up they sue and scream racism. As one chronicle reported a scholarship student pays no fees at the university. His textbooks afraid at a most purchases, which he makes no clothing, clothing, free medical treatment. Transportation. Tickets theaters to theaters and concerts. The student receives reductions in price and a student may get wholesome food sufficiently keep body and soul together while there was some German anti semitic agitation during the late nineteenth century. Germany was not really the place. It was thought to flourish. Why did the highly educated Germans embrace a lunatic like Adolf Hitler asks Jim Powell and Forbes magazine. And he writes, the short answer is that bad policies was economic military, political crises Chao fa tyrants, and when people become greedy enough a desperate enough. Sometimes they'll support crazies who would never attract the crowd in normal circumstances. Now are we in that stage in America? No, the media would have you believe we're in those bad times. We're not in those bad times is a complete construct of of the left-wing media. People are fat and happy there's an obesity epidemic. Nobody is starving in America. There's nobody really needs anything in this country. All they have is jealousy which is whipped up by the likes of the left in this country. Such as camera Harris, offering free healthcare is though that is something you're entitled to well. No, you're not entitled to it. But let's go back to how dictatorships arise and they'll dictators come to power in a democracy because we are now certainly a in a democracy of sorts. We certainly are. I know it's a Republic. I heard that fifty years ago, it's a Republican democracy, please. Let's not get on with each other. But how could a dictatorship arise in this country? How the left is expressing their desire for such a dictatorship. So what did Hitler do? Well, hitler. I joined the German Workers Party that in February nineteen twenty became the national socialist German Workers Party. Did you catch that national socialist German Workers Party something for everyone began as the AP what was the national socialist German Workers Party? It was a brew of nationalism socialism anti-semitism and pay attention in Brooklyn and Berkeley anti-capitalism nationalism combined with socialism combined with anti-semitism anti-capitalism. So of those four elements three of them are the watchwords of the democrat party of today. The only thing missing from the American left running the democrat party today is any sort of love for the country. So what happened next what happened next? Well, Hitler became a great speaker speaker, and he started to denounce Jews capitalists and other alleged villains and he vowed to rebuild German greatness. Now,.

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