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He sports game. Could I know Jay for a long time? And I'm telling you for a fact when I'm Jay Jay's just not a sports guy, and he handled a lot of these sports conversation popped up during the show. Like, it does all the time quite well. So I'm glad you all enjoy Jay black. We'll have them back again on the air on this Monday night into Tuesday morning. What I got the most feedback from. Were Siri items de overtime discussion. Oh my God. I got one Email from guy, and I'm telling you right now. I I appreciate the fact I don't want anybody to think then I am complaining about this. Because I am not. I'm trying to find his name. I got an Email. Was it dean? Yeah. Dean sent me. A lengthy extremely Bentley solution to overtime that. I got him me halfway through me reading it. I got a little bit loss. But that's me and wasn't deans fall. I appreciate the fact that a dean was willing to put this much time and effort into this conversation, and he's from around the corner from where I grew up. Sat toys Phillies, sixty nine seventy guy. I love feedback. You can follow me on Twitter at big nanograms painting would Facebook like me or send me an Email big daddy to ninety five at AOL. Okay. I know AOL big Nettie to ninety five. AOL like dean did. And I got a lot of.

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